Moderator:  Dr. Walter Zaryckyj, Executive Director, Center for US-Ukrainian Relations
Introductory remarks:  Daniel A. Witt, President, ITIC
Panelist/Author:  Dr. Ariel Cohen, Director of Energy, Growth and Security, ITIC
Panelist:  Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General, E.DSO for Smart Grids
Panelist:  Dr. Andrian Prokip, Senior Associate, Kennan Institute Ukraine


Ukraine’s energy sector is one of the most important pillars of the nation’s physical and economic security. While the country’s gas transportation system has been discussed at length, Ukraine is now facing an even larger challenge: The Reforming of its Domestic Electricity Market.

The Center for US-Ukraine Relations (CUSUR) is pleased to host a webinar on Monday, 29 June at 10:00 AM EST/USA bringing together a panel of electricity market experts, regional scholars, and development professionals to address a host of topics related to the challenges and opportunities of Ukraine’s much needed grid reform.

The webinar will also feature the release of the new ITIC Issues Paper, Securing Capital Investment in Ukraine’s Electric Grid: The Road to the Future. Co-written by Dr. Ariel Cohen (Director of ITIC’s Energy, Growth, and Security Program) and Dr. Vladislav Inozemtsev ( a prominent Eurasian economist and Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and InternationalStudies).

The paper argues that the free market Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) model – which has shown success in other post-Soviet states – could fundamentally improve Ukraine’s energy security and economic potential if enacted.