This issue covers:

- President's interview with the Financial Times on the anticorruption court
- New EU MFA to be conditioned on e-declarations verification, to start after Ukraine fulfils prior actions for IMF's program
- Former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine and other leading experts call for more decisive fight against corruption in Ukraine
- Healthcare reform: Amosov clan makes money on state university
- Kyiv police triggers criminal case against investigative journalists at the request of Medvedchuk

President's Interview With The Financial Times On The Anticorruption Court

"But [Poroshenko] warned that demands from the International Monetary Fund and the Venice Commission, an advisory body on constitutional laws, for foreign donors to have a significant say on candidates to be judges at the anti-corruption court infringed Ukraine’s sovereignty. “If anybody can imagine that foreign donors will form Ukrainian courts, this is against the constitution,” Mr Poroshenko said." in the interview with the Financial Times. 

Interesting that back in November 2017, the President himself requested the Verkhovna Rada to: "...assign to the Head of Rada subject committee to establish a task force for development of the draft law in line with Venice Commission's recommendations".  

International involvement in the selections of judges would not threat Ukraine's sovereignty as international nominees' decisions are subject for approval of Ukrainian competent authorities at every stage (see infographics below). Detailed analysis.

See also KyivPost's editorial on the topic. 

New EU MFA Will Be Conditioned On E-declarations Verification, Will Start After Ukraine Fulfils Prior Actions For IMF's Program

On March 9, the European Commission sent a proposal on new macro-financial assistance program for Ukraine to the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. It is planned that it will be conditioned on the measures that were not implemented under the previous MFA programme, specifically launching the automatic system of e-declarations verification and verification of beneficial ownership of companies. More details

In addition, “For our MFA to come on stream, we need a letter from the IMF, or an IMF program,” Deputy Director-General for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Katarina Mathernova said, “Whatever the Ukraine government has committed with the IMF is very important.” 

As a reminder, the IMF names adoption of the anticorruption court draft law as a prior action for its next tranche. In addition, the IMF highly criticized President's draft law No.7440. 


Former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine And Other Leading Experts Call For More Decisive Fight Against Corruption in Ukraine

The Friends of Ukraine point on the urgency of: establishment of the anticorruption court fully in line with the recommendations of the Venice Commission and conditions of the IMF program; ending the politically motivated attacks on NABU; full relaunch of the NACP; stopping the attacks on activists. Full text


“Corrupt Royal Family”: Amosov Clan Makes Money On State University

Ukraine is shaken by another medical scandal. Ulana Suprun, acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine, suspended Kateryna Amosova, President of National Medical University. The reason is ignoring her direct responsibilities. 

Kyiv Medical University headed by Amosova had the dubious honour of being the only one in the country whose 3rd year stomatology students did not take the KROK testing. An exam they cannot go on to the 4th year without. They did not take the test because the University did not make an agreement to do it with the Testing Centre that conducts exams in all medical schools in Ukraine. Full text

According to the most recent news, Kyiv district administrative court reinstated Amosova and prohibited the Ministry from inspecting the university while court considers Amosova's claim. 


Kyiv Police Triggers Criminal Case Against Investigative Journalists Upon The Request Of Medvedchuk

Following the Kyiv Pechersk court ruling, Kyiv police triggered a criminal proceeding against investigative journalists of Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe's Program "Schemy". 

Back in December 2017, Medvedchuk's lawyers appealed to the court to require opening of such a proceeding on alleged interference of the journalists in the private life of a businessman. Currently Medvedchuk is a chairman of the pro-Russian political party "Ukrayinskyi Vybir", he is authorized to participate in negotiations on behalf of Ukraine on the release of prisoners. He is also Putin's crony. Background information