February 21, 2022 has become a breaking point in global geopolitics, when the Russian Federation reached a point of no return in its aggression against Ukraine, a sovereign state, breaching its borders, neglecting intensive preventive diplomatic efforts of the collective West. Russia has once again bluntly violated international law.

The instruments and means Russia has used in current aggressive acts painfully remind us the beginning of the WWII and behavior of the Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, intentionally crafting fake casus belli acts, backed by unimaginable volumes of propaganda. It has become evident that Russia is implementing the worst case scenario in which the recognition of the so-called “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” is just the beginning.

A full scale attack against Ukraine’s sovereignty with military aggression, striving to kill Ukraine’s macrofinancial system, curtail energy supply, put our critical infrastructure under destruction and undermine our political institutions, will follow shortly if the West does not respond swiftly and harshly to existing Russian crimes.

The aggressor can only be stopped by effective immediate counter-actions, using a wide range of targeted sanctions. They should include asset freezes and visa bans for oligarchs from Putin’s inner circle and their family members. Sanctions also need to target whole sectors of the Russian economy, most critical for the existence of Putin's regime such as:

•         Halting Nord Stream 2 for good;

•         Imposing full scale embargo on Russian oil and gas exports, forestry and metallurgical products;

•         Sanctioning international transactions of the Russian Ruble, cutting off Russia from the SWIFT system;

•         Sanctioning supply of electronics of world’s top brands;

•         recognizing Putin’s Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism;

•         Block Putin Wallets - https://putinwallets.org/

•         Sanctioning use of Android and Apple operational systems, search engines, social media platforms etc

Since the beginning of this round of escalation on February 17, Russia has already killed 4 servicemen and 1 civilian person. There is no need to wait until the death toll reaches thousands to take action. It's high time for the collective West to act and demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine now. We urge our partners to enforce all possible measures to effectively respond and stop the Putin regime now. Russia should immediately withdraw its armed forces from all over Ukraine, as well as be decisively punished for the global blackmailing it has been doing for at least since 2008 (invasion in Georgia).

It is not only about Ukraine anymore - now stability and security of the globe is at stake. If Putin is not stopped, we will return to the times when changing borders by force will happen regularly and all over the world.

In order to preserve the rules-based order, to help us defend our sovereign nation and emerging democracy, we urge our EU and US partners to immediately introduce a wide package of painful financial, economic and sectoral  sanctions described above.

Ukraine must receive concrete security guarantees and a wide package of military and economic assistance,  including immediate deployment of the EU and NATO forces.

The EU and US leadership or their representatives should be permanently physically present in Kyiv as well as other potential targets of the Russian troops, including eastern and southern region of the country.

The Appeal signed by

Hanna Hopko, Democracy in Action Initiative, Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee (2014-2019)

Daria Kaleniuk, Olena Halushka, AntiCorruption Action Center

Ostap Yednak, Maksym Kyiyak, Natalya Veselova, Maria Golub, Oksana Yurynets, ANTS Network

Olena Kravchenko, Environment-People-Law, International Law Organization

Olga Aivazovka, Civil Network “OPORA”

Oleksandra Matviychuk, Center for Civil Liberties

Mykhailo Gonchar, CGS Strategy XXI

Josef Zissels, co-president of Vaad of Ukraine, member of the Initiative group “First of December”

Mykhailo Ratushnyi head of Ukrainian World Coordinating Council

Oleksii Mushak, Member of Parliament (2014-2019), Adviser to Prime-Minister (2019-2020)

Sergiy Parkhomenko, Head of center of Foreign Policy Studies OPAD

Andriy Teteruk, Veteran of Russian war against Ukraine, Member of Parliament (2014-2019)

Ihor Lapin, Ukrainian War veteran, Member of Parliament (2014-2019)

Myroslav Hai, human rights activist, Russian-Ukrainian war veteran, President of Foundation Mir&Co

Agiya Zagrebelska, co-founder League Antitrust

Olena Sotnyk, human rights defender, Member of Parliament (2014-2019)

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