2020 has become a year of global transformation for everyone. It tested us with new challenges and opened up opportunities that, under other conditions, might have remained unaddressed, pushed us to search for non-standard ideas and demanded bold decisions. This year took away the travel we are accustomed to, but it made us look at the travel experience in a new way, striving to make it deeper.

We stay in the sky thanks to you

Those like you who put faith in us and choose our services, support and understanding from our partners have become a pillar that has helped us to adapt to the new reality and continue our lifetime project — to help Ukrainians discover the world, and openUkraine to the world.

In 2020, we performed 8,745 flights, and carried 1,250,792 passengers. Starting a year with a fleet twice as large as the previous one (2019 we started with 5 aircraft and only in December received the 10th aircraft), due to the pandemic and lockdown, we did not reach even half of the passenger traffic planned for 2020.

In addition, during the global lockdown, we launched a new area of ​​SkyUp activity — cargo transportation. At first, for these purposes, we reconfigured 7 passenger aircraft, later, when passenger traffic began to recover, we began to carry cargo in cargo compartments on regular flights.

Over the entire period from April to the end of 2020, we transported 1,624 tons of cargo on cargo and passenger flights, which is comparable to the weight of 10 Boeing 747-200 aircraft or about 350 Rolls-Royce engines for Boeing 747s.

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