2022 U.S.-Ukraine Alternative Energy Research Competition


Friday, February 25, 2022


Monday, December 20, 2021

About CGP 

CRDF Global has implemented CGP activities in Ukraine since 1997. Through competitively selected research projects of joint U.S.-Ukraine research teams, the Cooperative Grants Program (CGP) provides opportunities for Ukrainian scientists to perform world-class research while learning the skills and standards necessary to pursue international research funding. To date, CRDF Global has supported over 300 collaborative research grants between U.S. and Ukrainian scientists. These projects have engaged more than 2,250 Ukrainian scientists, researchers, and students. 

About 2022 U.S.-Ukraine Alternative Energy Research Competition 

CRDF Global is currently accepting proposals from joint teams of U.S. and Ukrainian researchers for the 2022 U.S.-Ukraine Alternative Energy Research Competition.  

As the world’s population is projected to reach at least nine billion people by 2050 and energy consumption increases, alternative energy has the potential to become the least-expensive source of energy. Through the advancement of alternative energy sources, such as photovoltaic, turbine and biofuel technologies, scientific research holds great potential to generate affordable solutions to this complex problem.  

To that end, CRDF Global is currently accepting proposals from joint teams of U.S. and Ukrainian researchers focusing on alternative energy as it applies directly to the following sub-topics: 

Alternative Energy 

  • The competition will support U.S.-Ukrainian research teams engaged in basic or applied research in the area of photovoltaic, turbine and biofuel technology. 

Awards of up to $80,000 USD ($50,000 USD from CRDF Global in the national currency of Ukraine for the Ukraine sub-team and $30,000 USD equivalent paid for the U.S. sub-team) will be provided for 12 months. 

All proposals must be submitted no later than Friday, February 25, 2022 (23:59) U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST) through the following process: 

  • Please log in to CRDF Global’s electronic portal to submit your application through CRDF’s grant management system:  https://crdfglobal.fluxx.io/dashboard/index. Upon email submission of your abstract by February 4, 2022, you will be provided a Fluxx account to complete your application. For inquiries, please contact Nina Cairns at ncairns@crdfglobal.org or call +1 703.600.3465.