KPMG Review Magazine is a publication about business, innovation, trends, and successful cases in various areas, which combines the expertise of KPMG and the ideas of other leading global and Ukrainian experts, and practitioners.

Here is the eighth issue of KPMG Review Magazine "A new normal" (PDF 4 MB).

The speakers of this issue:

  • Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO of Horizon Capital
  • Dmytro Shymkiv, Chairman of the Executive Board, Darnitsa Group
  • Olga Ustinova, CEO of Vodafone Ukraine

This issue of KPMG Review Magazine is entitled ‘The New Normal’ because we are witnessing first-hand how established business models are being disrupted and becoming outdated. Meanwhile, innovative thinking and agility are becoming an everyday life necessity in this rapidly changing environment. The journey into this new business era will not be easy. In preparing this new issue of KPMG Review Magazine, we have been seeking an answer to this question together with leaders of companies from various economic sectors.

  • Has the COVID-19 phenomenon adjusted the company's development strategy?
  • What has changed in the long-term vision?
  • Has the pandemic affected the business model and investment decisions?
  • Can Ukrainian companies take advantage of supply chain constraints in the global market and become an alternative supplier to European countries?
  • What skills does a leader need in a period of new normality?