The program consists of 7 modules, as well as a series of video courses, and is designed for seven months of training. Courses include global trends in the oil and gas industry, fundamentals of strategic thinking, leadership and management, fundamentals of financial management, operational efficiency management, fundamentals of project management, digital technologies and customer centricity, and people management. All cases and training tasks of the program are practical and are also customized for the oil and gas industry.

“Effective Leader: Pre-MBA” aims to develop managerial and professional talents, improve managerial skills in accordance with the specific needs of the oil and gas sector. Among the speakers are experts from Houston technology centers, top managers of the Ukrainian largest gas production and international Big Four service companies, professors from the University of Leoben, Austria, and LvBS, as well as industry experts from Israel and the USA.

The first set was formed from DTEK Oil&Gas employees, middle managers who make up the company's talent pool. The training started in October.

DTEK Oil&Gas CEO Igor Shchurov: “People are the most valuable capital of our company. Thanks to each employee without exception, we achieve the goal of increasing gas production. Therefore, it is important for us to invest in quality training for each specialist and each manager. After all, the vector of development of the entire oil and gas industry of Ukraine will depend on them”.

Valeria Zabolotnaya, Rector of DTEK Academy: “It is very difficult to find a strong educational product for a narrow industry in the market. Despite the large amount of information available, every industry and even company requires deep expertise. Therefore, Academy DTEK team created their own solution. This is how the Pre-MBA for the oil and gas industry was born. The challenge for us was to organize such a program in a flexible format that complies with quarantine standards. We are ready to provide high-quality training online, but we are always ready to go offline. I am sure that new knowledge, and most importantly, the transformation of the way of thinking, the growth and development of DTEK Oil&Gas employees will very soon have an impact on the company's business results."