Since 17 March, Ukraine has banned passenger flights. You can return to Ukraine with SkyUp till 16 March inclusive. Those with booked flights from Ukraine on dates falling on the ban period will be able to reschedule them or cancel the ticket in accordance with the ticket type conditions.

What will happen to passengers who are now abroad

Ukrainians and foreigners who are entitled to permanent or temporary residence in Ukraine, and who are now abroad, can return to Ukraine on SkyUp Airlines flights, which the air carrier will operate until 16 March, 23:59 inclusive.

Those who will not proceed to return during this time are advised to contact the Ukrainian consulates. These compatriots will be returned home by separate non-scheduled flights, which will be organized by the state.

UPDATE! In addition, we urge Ukrainians abroad who cannot proceed to return until 16 March, 23:59 inclusive, to register in the DRUG electronic system created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. This will help coordinate the return of Ukrainian citizens, while for the embassies and consulates of Ukraine to keep in touch with them.

What about compensations for passengers who are now abroad and have a round-trip ticket falling on the period of the ban

The limitation of air traffic due to the spread of the epidemic of a new type of coronavirus COVID-19 is a force majeure circumstance. Therefore, SkyUp offers such passengers to return back no later than 16 March, 23:59, on one of the airline's flights. On a free seats-available basis, you can exchange your ticket for a flight with a return no later than 16 March, 23:59, without penalty.

To do this, please contact

What about passengers who purchased a ticket abroad fallin on the ban period on passenger air travel

SkyUp passengers who have purchased tickets abroad falling on the ban period will be able to rebook them at a later date. The air carrier will be able to provide an accurate updated schedule to passengers after the restoration of air traffic.

UPDATE! Passengers with tickets for flights during the period of the ban on air travel may decide to change the date during the year from the departure date of the first flight indicated on the ticket.

Also, the passenger may cancel his or her ticket.

What about the refund for tickets abroad purchased for the period that falls on the ban

In case of ticket cancellation, refund is carried out in accordance with the ticket type conditions. To cancel a ticket, you need to:

  • send inquiries by email to if the ticket was purchased on the website of the air carrier;
  • contact your place of purchase, if the ticket is purchased through the airline’s agent network.

Why does the answer to the request sometimes takes longer than you'd like

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of requests, the time for processing them increases. But don’t worry, we’ll consider each request and be sure to provide you with an answer.