DNIPRO, UKRAINE.... The Ukrainian mining company Velta LLC, that extracts titanium feedstock in the Kirovograd Region, has created a new holding and corporate structure.  The new holding and corporate structure meets the international requirements of private and public financial institutions. Velta Holding LLC combines the existing production assets of Velta LLC and all other projects of the groups shareholders. 

Velta has been mining and processing titanium feedstock in Kirovograd region for seven years. Company’s projects include the development of Likarivske deposit with the same ore body near the operating mining and processing complex. Last year, Velta announced the creation of an R&D center, which works on the development of new methods of processing titanium raw material.
Velta announces that Andriy Nikolaienko has left the post of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Velta LLC due to his election to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.  “I think that the final transition of Andriy from business to the civil service is a loss for our company, because it was his contribution that allowed Velta to survive and fully recover from the fire. It is hard to overestimate his contribution in our business, but at the same time he is exactly the kind of effective manager the country needs right now," Andriy Brodskyy, General Director of Velta LLC stated.
"Velta is undergoing major transformations due to the interest of international investments.  I am pleased to announce that our U.S. partners, Glenn Myles and Robert James Woolsey [representing First Wall Street Capital], have agreed to join the new members of the board of directors of Velta Holding. I am sure that their vast experience, knowledge and significant expertise will allow Velta to complete the creation of the corporate structure and be a major stimulate to the development of new projects,” said Andriy Brodskyy, General Director of Velta LLC.
The Priorities of the U.S. partners, who joined the Board of Directors of Velta Holding, will be the attraction of investments, security and business development.

Glenn Myles is the founder and chairman of the First Wall Street Capital [a member of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)].   Over the last 35 years, Glenn has executed on nearly $30 billion of financial transactions. Mr. Myles works with the most significant companies around the world that operate mainly in the energy and mining sectors.
Robert James Woolsey is chairman of Woolsey Partners and an advisor to First Wall Street Capital. He was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency in the office of President Clinton, and a member of the National Commission on Energy Policy and Defense Policy Board. Mr. Woolsey is now a consultant to private companies and government agencies. 
The shareholders of Velta Holding are Andriy Brodskyy, the General Director of Velta Holding LLC and Velta LLC, Vitaliy Malakhov and Vadym Moskalenko.
NOTE:  Velta LLC and First Wall Street Capital are members of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), www.USUBC.org. Velta has been represented on the USUBC board of directors by Chairman Andriy Nikolaienko and First Wall Street Capital is represented on the USUBC board of directors by Sean Jahanian, CEO.

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