On Tuesday, February 19, 2020 The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) and Asters hosted reception to present the exhibition -- HEAR OUR VOICE by a renowned Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk. Mr. Marchuk is a People's Artist of Ukraine, a holder of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine and a member of the Golden Guild of the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome. An author of 5,000 paintings, Ivan Marchuk was included in 2007 by The Daily Telegraph in the Top 100 world's living geniuses. HEAR OUR VOICE presents crème de la crème of Ivan Marchuk's artworks.

“Today is a very special day, a holiday for Asters and USUBC because today we are exhibiting actual artists of a masterpiece. His name is renowned worldwide and his name is Ivan Marchuk. Maestro is called by many who know him a person who resisted the system, most of the political system and art system. He is a creator of a new style in artistic painting, he called it “Pointillism”, which derives the name of Ukrainian soul and this is something that reminds to those who understand art, reminds “Pointillism” of 19 St. with association with George Segal and many others who were in early 20 St. Today we are lucky and happy that we have on our walls paintings which the “Daily Telegraph” in 2007 included in the list of paintings created by the “Living Genius of the World” and he was recognized by thousands of experts worldwide. Ivan March paintings are all about soul, his style allows us to concentrate on our insights and without is I don’t think any human being may call himself a substantive person. Today we have 3 exhibitions of Marchuk in Kyiv it means that finally he is recognized in his motherland. Let’s greet Maestro on this beautiful exhibition.” -  said Armen Khachaturyan, Senior Partner at Asters law firm.

“I am very grateful to Asters and USUBC for this great opportunity to present my artworks today. Today we have here a unique artwork and great public. Enjoy and try to feel every painting you see because all of them has a soul” – said Ivan Machuk, artist.

“I am very honored to represent Morgan Williams, President of the USUBC, on this great event, who is a partner in crime with Armen and Asters in supporting Ukrainian artists. USUBC and Asters are cooperating for 13 years and every 6 months we have a new exhibition. Morgan is American and myself is Georgian and we consider ourselves as part of Ukrainian political nation and cultural nation and we both thrilled tonight because we have a splendid artist – Ivan Marchuk. I want to thank Ivan Marchuk for his works and for being a symbol of freedom and unending cultural strengths.” – said Irina Paliashvili, member of the USUBC executive committee and President and Senior Counsel, RULG-Ukrainian Legal Group, P.A., Washington, D.C./Kyiv, Ukraine