Today's issue of anticorruption news covers:

  • "Backpacks Case" chronicle
  • authorities attempting to falsify amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code 
  • corruption fight in public procurements
  • public calling on the authorities to fulfill EU macro-financial assistance conditionality on e-declarations verification
  • Pandora's Box of secret e-declarations
  • Supreme Court competition updates: two finalists released Pukach in 2003
  • President asks Rada for a working group on anticorruption court
  • international human rights defenders calling on to stop political persecutions in Ukraine
  • monthly overview of October 

NABU Chronicles: "Backpacks Case" 

NABU prepared detailed interactive explanation of the corruption scheme during the purchase of backpacks for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. More details


Authorities Try to Falsify the Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code

The Ukrainian authorities are falsifying amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure with regards to NABU. The Presidential Administration together with the Parliament are preparing to withdraw from the final text of the draft law #6232 an adopted clause that prohibits the Prosecutor General’s Office to transfer unfinished cases against Yanukovych’s allies to NABU. More details

Success Story: Fighting Corruption In Public Procurements

#Victory AntAC achieved termination of a 21 million UAH agreement, where all participants of the tender were connected people. The procurement was done by the Department on housing and utilities of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast state administration. More details

RPR Calls On Government to Fulfil
EU MFA Conditionality

As for now, Ukraine does not meet the requirement of proper verification of e-declarations, which questions Ukraine’s chances for receiving the third tranche of the macro-financial assistance from the EU

To receive the last tranche, it is crucial not only to report on the formal fulfillment of international partners’ conditions, but also to ensure the effective functioning of the NACP and e-declaration system as well as to eliminate preconditions for the conflict of interests and misuse of office by the Ukrainian officials. More details

Pandora's Box Of Secret E-Declarations

Just 55 out of 1.3 million officials’ electronic asset declarations have passed full verification with no cases of illicit enrichment detected. After such a result, nobody should have any illusions regarding willingness of the Agency for Corruption Prevention to pursue anti-corruption reform.

However, the agency’s slackness has recently led even further, allowing all staff of the Security Service of Ukraine, or SBU, including public figures running it, to avoid both public asset disclosure and liability for illicit enrichment. More details in the article. 

Supreme Court Competition Update

It turned out that two finalists of the Supreme Court competition Serhiy Slynko and Stanislav Kravchenko released Oleksiy Pukach (on the photo) from custody in 2003. 

In 2013 Pukach was found guilty of the murder of the Ukrainian journalist Georgiy Gongadze and sentenced to life imprisonment. More details

President Keeps Pushing Rada for the Working Group on Anticorruption Court 

On November 8, the President sent a letter to the Speaker of the parliament Andriy Parubiy asking him to assign the Committee on Legal Policy and Justice (chaired by Ruslan Kniazevych, Poroshenko’s Block) to establish the working group in Rada tasked with development of Presidential draft law on anticorruption court. The Speaker did not assign the Committee to create a working group, just forwarded them President’s letter.

Simultaneously, the Committee  did not have their hearings on November 8, the next ones are scheduled for the next week. 

In addition, in the above mentioned letter the President asked the Speaker to take the necessary measures to withdraw draft law No6011 from the parliamentary consideration, allegedly as the last obstacle for him to submit his own draft. Withdrawal of draft law No6011 was put on voting on November 9, but it did not get enough votes. Poroshenko’s Block have failed to give 41 votes of MPs who were present at the plenary session.

Worldwide Movement for Human Rights: Ukraine, Stop Persecution of Anticorruption Activists

Members of the NGO coalition the Civic Solidarity Platform (CSP) and other NGOs across Europe and the United States, express serious concern about harassment and persecution of anticorruption activists in Ukraine, including restrictive legislation requiring activists to disclose personnel assets, criminal investigations and smear campaigns against well-known anti-corruption organisations and activists, as well as physical attacks against individuals and a lack of effective investigations in such cases. They call upon the Ukrainian authorities to immediately take all necessary measures to reverse these highly disturbing developments. More details

Monthly Overview of October 2017 - Full text

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