According to 2019 KPMG surveys, long term success was a key motivator for CEOs in Ukraine (53%). Globally, however, CEOs indicated that their key motivation was the short-term growth of their companies. (2019 CEO Outlook in Ukraine, 2019 Global CEO Outlook).

What are business strategies and goals of CEOs’ in 2020 and what do they see as the key drivers for their businesses this year? In partnership with NovŠ¾e Vremya, KPMG in Ukraine invites you to participate in our third annual survey for business leaders in Ukraine to analyse the dynamics of business leaders’ changing priorities and to identify the key challenges and opportunities for their businesses.


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About the survey

The survey is based on questions in the KPMG Global CEO Outlook 2020, brings together the views of 1,300 CEOs from across the world, helping leaders in Ukraine to assess the national mood against a broader international backdrop. We are keen to hear your views on the key challenges and opportunities facing your business in Ukraine, and your strategies for driving future growth.

— You can choose to take the survey in English or Ukrainian.

— It will take 15 minutes to complete.

— The survey is open till 1 May 2020


Press the button on the left to take the survey

All responses will remain strictly confidential and the results will only be published in aggregate.

The final report will be launched in June-July 2020.
Thank you in advance for your contribution to this important research.
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