August 24 1991. Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukrainian Patriots welcoming Declaration of Independence in the Square of Independence. Photo by Anatoly Sapronenkov
LINK: HISTORICAL DAY. August 24, 1991

August 28, 1991. Kyiv, Ukraine. Thousands of Pro-Independence demonstrators rally in central Kyiv on August 28 holding a three-finder sign resembling the Trident (or Tryzub in Ukrainian), emblem of Ukraine. Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union last week following the failed coup in Moscow,
AP PHOTO, Anatoly Sapronenkov

September 15, 1991. Kyiv, Ukraine. All-Ukrainian People’s Rally in support of the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. Photo UKRINFORM.

September 9, 1991. Newsweek cover: CRACKUP. Independence Rally in Ukraine.