The seed production facility of the international agriculture R&D company Corteva Agriscience, located in Stasi village of Poltava region (LLC Stasi Nasinnia), has successfully finished production season with more than 800 thousand sowing units of corn and sunflower seeds made for 2020 season, which is about 50 thousand more than in 2019.

Production capacity of the facility with over $56 million investment and over 300 full-time and seasonal workers employed, guarantees the full production cycle of the high-quality hybrids of Pioneer® and Brevant™ seeds brands. Ukrainian production site allows to cover more than 60 percent of Ukrainian agriculture producers demand for Corteva Agriscience premium genetics. The rest 40 percent the company imports from its production sites located in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Turkey and the United States.

Altogether, since the production site was opened in 2013, over 3,5 million sowing units of seeds were produced. Corteva Agriscience plans to further improve the annual production capacity and increase it by 30 percent during the next 4-5 years.

For the production in Ukraine the facility is cooperating with over 30 farms located in Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Cherkasy, Poltava, Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Sumy regions. The seed production facility complies with the highest international standards and all requirements of the Ukrainian legislation regarding working conditions, safety and ecological regulations. The production is certified with the international standard on procedures with pesticides ESTA and has implemented the quality management system.

Professional team of the facility ensures continuous support in the field and control at production. The sowing material goes through quality check at Corteva laboratories in Ukraine, France, Austria and Chile.  

Starting from 2019, premium LumiGEN™ brand seed applied technology is being applied to Pioneer® brand seeds at the production site. This technology provides the best in class sustainable protection against pests and diseases during the critical growth period of crops with limited impact on the environment.

The production facility also makes packaging with innovative technology Easy Open for the oilseed rape of Brevant™ seeds. Aside from that, all Pioneer® and Brevant™ seeds are packed in bags with a special hologram, unique protection system against counterfeit IZON®.  

The production facility has been actively supporting the local community of Stasi village and since its opening has already invested 3,2 million UAH to improve the infrastructure, medical area, education and social life of the community.

“Corteva seed production facility in Ukraine has the most modern equipment and is one of the newest seed productions of the company in the world, which allows to ensure high quality and affordability of sowing material for Ukrainian agriculture producers. Thanks to innovative approaches and technologies, as well as rich experience we are helping Ukrainian farmers to get maximum out of their work, while creating the necessary conditions for progressive development of production in Ukraine”, said Oleksiy Turchynov, head of Corteva Agriscience production facility in Ukraine.

Сorteva Agriscience encourages farmers to buy Pioneer® seeds from the authorized sales agents only. The list of the agents can be found on the website. Crop protection products and seeds of Brevant™ seeds brand should be bought from the official distributors only. The list of Brevant™ seeds distributors can be found by the link and crop protection distributors – by the link                                                                       

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