Given the spread of COVID-19 and the World Health Organisation declaration of a global emergency, we are taking active steps to help ensure the safety of our team and our clients. 

While the safety and good health remain our priorities, we are also focused on providing uninterrupted service to our clients and operating as normally as possible during what is expected to be a period of considerable uncertainty across the globe.

Continuity of Client Service

Sayenko Kharenko is well-prepared for the practicalities of remote working. Many of our staff work remotely on a regular basis and our entire professional architecture is designed to facilitate such eventualities as the need to work from home or any remote locations. We already have the necessary equipment and technical support systems in place to ensure a consistently high level of client service in the current challenging conditions. We are keen to ensure that business can continue during any period of remote work with minimal impact on client service.

Additionally, we will maintain limited access to our offices for the purpose of critical business or client needs.

Advising Clients on COVID-19 Issues

We have organized a multi-disciplinary task force to address a wide range of legal and business issues that companies are likely to face during the weeks and months ahead in response to the global pandemic. Please contact one of the individuals listed below or your Sayenko Kharenko partner if you have any questions or require business or legal advice on how to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your business. We will also be available via Skype for Business or other video/audio conference services if you would like to organise a call.

Stay well.

Sayenko Kharenko team