Houston, Texas – April 15, 2020 – Cub Energy Inc. (“Cub” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: KUB), a Ukraine-focused energy company, announces that its 100% owned subsidiary, Tysagaz LLC (“Tysagaz”), has signed a contract for the purchase of two Jenbacher gas power generation engines that should convert the natural gas produced from the RK field into power that can be sold in western Ukraine at local market rates. Each power generation unit will have the capacity to produce as much as 1.5 megawatts (“MW”) of power each or 3 MW in total. The RK field was materially suspended on April 1, 2016 and this new plan should result in the restart of the RK field.

The Jenbacher units will be manufactured in Europe and expected delivery is in the fourth quarter of 2020 with power revenue expected in the first quarter of 2021. The successful sale of power into the local grid will be subject to the successful installation of the Jenbacher units, regulatory commissioning and tie-in to the local power supply. The direct capital costs of the two units are approximately US$1.4 million and the total investment is expected to be approximately US$1.9 million. The total investment amount includes approximately $0.3 million in Value Added Tax (VAT) which should be refunded on commercial production. There are approximately 60 of these power generators units currently in operation in Ukraine.

Mikhail Afendikov, Chairman and CEO of Cub said: “We reviewed various alternatives to maximize the value of the RK field and we believe the Jenbacher power generation is the best path for shareholders. It has the potential to generate material cashflow while at the same time capitalizing on the restart of the RK field.”
Currently, all of the Company's facilities remain fully operational. The company is monitoring recommendations by the public health authorities related to COVID-19 in all its operating regions and is adjusting operational requirements as required. The Company has implemented certain cost-cutting initiatives during the second quarter of 2020, including the layoff of eleven team members, salary adjustments of up to 25% and a general reduction in the use of external consultants.
About Cub Energy Inc.
Cub Energy Inc. (TSX-V: KUB) is an upstream oil and gas and power generation company, with a proven track record of exploration and production cost efficiency in Ukraine. The Company’s strategy is to implement western technology and capital, combined with local expertise and ownership, to increase value in its undeveloped land base, creating and further building a portfolio of energy assets.
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