Dear partners and friends, we address you on behalf of SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine

The crisis associated with the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine and the introduction of quarantine is prolonged, growing from an epidemic to an economic one. This painfully affects charities who help the most vulnerable people, such as SOS Children’s VillagesUkraine. The situation is beating on the families in crisis, in the first place, including families of elderly caregivers, where the future of orphans depends directly on the health of their grandparents.

64 families already are on the brink of survival, raising 150 children – this is what we found out by the quick analysis of the conditionsof the families we support. Among them, families of elderly caregivers, large families (3 to 7 children), families with children with disabilities, families where parents or caregivers are on unexpected leave without wages paid, and families previously traumatised by displacement from war zones. They are in dire need of support, first of all, in the form of food, personal protective equipment and disinfectants.

We expect that soon more families in crisis, out of 400 which we support, will be in the same critical situation. Families may soon be in need of food, hygiene items, medication, medical and psychological help, travel expenses for essential city travel to get medical help or other urgent needs – and all these are additional expenses which were not planned in our regular budget. We are concerned that many years of charitable contribution of businesses and individuals and all the hard work done for supporting families out of their personalcrisis situations have not been crossed out by these weeks. We strive  that all children remain in their biological families and feel safe

To support these families, please visit the website:

Or in the form of food kits, means of personal protection, disinfectants, transport services, delivery services, information disseminationand fundraisers

SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine, as always, will ensure maximum transparency and provide all necessary reporting on the use of the assistance at and on Facebook at

If there is no specific assistance today, children in crisis may end up on the streets or in residential care tomorrow. In this case, no new strong society where everyone has the opportunity to be successful.

Thank you in advance for your support! Take care of yourself, humanity and humaneness!

With faith in goodness,

SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine


For more information on how to join and support families in crisis who are on the verge of survival, please contact – Natalia Galdeeva, Partner Relations Specialist, +380 95 0117858,