For Deloitte, 2020 is going to be a special year as it marks the 175th anniversary of the company.

It all began in 1845 with William Welch Deloitte – an individual with an ideal, integrity and incentive to build something that would last. Someone who recognized the power of collaboration as a way to grow and achieve results.

Could he have ever imagined that a small accounting firm that was opened on Basinghall Street in London, as well as his drive for perfection, would become a company uniting 312,000 people across 150 countries?

Is 175 years really so long? We have been there for our clients at the turning points of the global economy: when the first railway was built, when the lines of communication were established, when private vehicles changed urban landscape forever, and when the Internet connected all the corners of the world.

We have been in business for 175 years because people trust us. We will continue to make an impact that matters for another 175 years to come. Our past is only the beginning of the journey.