1. Coronavirus has reminded us how much we depend on electricity – IEA chief
  2. Effect of quarantine on electricity consumption in Ukraine and the EU
  3. Electricity market update
  4. DTEK Energy debts restructuring
  5. DTEK Energy mines temporarily suspended operations due to systemic crisis in the Ukrainian energy sector
  6. DTEK Oil&Gas transfers production personnel to isolated operating mode
  7. YASNO shifts to remote services for the period of quarantine
  8. Restoration of power supply under quarantine
  9. Designing carbon pricing mechanism for Energy Community contracting parties
  10. DTEK participates in WEF Strategy Meeting
  11. DTEK and SCM partner with anti-crisis centres in western and eastern Ukraine
  12. YASNO and DTEK Renewables named among the TOP 25 green companies in Ukraine
  13. Atlantic Council DFRLab: Russian companies continue to expropriate Ukraine’s natural resources
  14. Coal stocks at power plants, k/mts