EURACOAL asks the President of Ukraine to support electricity market in Ukraine facing the Covid-19 challenge In the letter to President Zelenskyy, EURACOAL Secretary-General Brian Ricketts advises the Ukrainian government to stick with market-based solutions and electricity market liberalization, rather than return to a failed system of central planning. Having signed the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine committed to implement the EU Third Energy Package and launched the compliant electricity market model on July 1st, 2019.
“…A belief in free markets and harnessing the benefits of capital accumulation signpost the route to economic recovery. Slipping back into central planning leads to darkness.
Today, keeping the lights on is a priority for all governments and Ukraine has acted swiftly and decisively to protect its energy industry with punitive tariffs on energy imports. At the same time, consumers are protected with price caps. In a crisis, it is right to take all necessary measures to keep people safe and secure. We applaud workers in the energy sector everywhere. Unlike those of us working remotely at home, close to our families, they take risks so that we can live.