DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko participated in the COVID Action Platform online meeting, an initiative created, with the support of the WHO, by the World Economic Forum. The COVID Action Platform aims to establish joint coordination at international level in containing the COVID-19 virus.

The meeting was attended by the heads of global energy companies that are members of the World Economic Forum. Today, companies around the world have proven their capacity to adapt to new realities, which facilitates the creation of effective solutions, the implementation of best practices, and the swift customization of business processes. It is imperative that the continuity of production, and thus the functioning of our economies, is maintained.

DTEK is currently the only company from Ukraine to join this platform. We are carefully analyzing our international partners’ experience in minimizing the risk of infection among workers in order to adopt best practices. It is our responsibility as an energy company to supply Ukrainians as well as the industrial sector with electricity.

The COVID Action Platform was created, with the support of the WHO, by the World Economic Forum. The goal of the WEF Platform is to join forces in the fight against the coronavirus, which poses a threat to the lives and health of people, as well as to the economies of many countries. The WEF platform will ensure the continuous access of WEF member companies to reliable information and analysis for optimal solutions to prevent the spread of the virus and eliminate adverse effects.

LINK: https://dtek.com/en/media-center/press/dtek-gains-international-expertise-against-coronavirus-covid-19/