Today, the key task of the company is to ensure the continuous, reliable operation of wind and solar power plants to provide energy security for Ukraine and to protect its employees.

DTEK Renewables enterprises produce electricity from the energy of the sun and wind. Today it is our advantage. In contrast to the enterprises of traditional generation, that require a large number of personnel and uninterrupted supply of the fuel, SPPs and WPPs can switch safely and quickly to the operation with a minimum number of employees at the facilities. During the special operating regime renewable energy sources can truly demonstrate their contribution for safe uninterrupted energy supply to Ukrainian customers from indigenous energy resources.

The shift supervisors of the SPPs and WPPs will continue to perform their operational duties (one person at the facility). This operations mode is standard practice for DTEK Renewables shift supervisors during weekends – it is now implemented in safe operations mode throughout the whole week in order to enable minimum contact with the outside world. Other employees of the sites have shifted to remote work.

We will continue to do our usual job - to produce "green" electricity for Ukrainian families and enterprises.

We closely monitor the development of events and adjust our work in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian authorities, recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Health Organization; we draw on the international experience of industrial countries that has faced the crisis caused by the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic.

In urgent cases requiring a larger number of personnel, we will organize a safe stay of the employees at the plant. If necessary, we will provide an isolated (autonomous) mode of operation and provide for all appropriate measures.

We care about the health of our employees and continue to work to insure warmth and light for every family!