The first-ever reverse delivery of natural gas from the Adriatic coast to Ukraine was carried out by ERU TRADING today. The purchase of gas took place in Greece and the fuel was transported to Ukraine via the gas-transport systems of Greece and Romania. These are test deliveries aimed at the needs of the domestic market, but the main goal is the possibility of further access to the Revithoussa LNG Terminal. This increases the diversification of gas supplies on the European continent and strengthens Ukraine's position as an Eastern European energy hub.

"The new gas transmission corridor Greece-Romania-Ukraine gives us an opportunity to become a part of the European Three Seas Initiative, developing the vertical direction of fuel transfer. Traditionally, gas and oil are exported from the East to the West, but our partners are interested in a new, unconventional approach, especially with the opening of the opportunity to import LNG to Europe, and we help them in this," said Yaroslav Mudryy, Managing Partner of ERU TRADING. "ERU was the first to supply liquefied natural gas from the United States to Ukraine, the export of gas to Romania, and today its reverse from this country. Such projects contribute not only to creating additional ways to supply fuel but also to strengthening Ukraine's reputation as a reliable and promising partner of the EU".

The goal of this Three Seas Initiative is a joint effort of 12 countries of the European Union in the development of transport, energy, and IT industries. ERU TRADING, together with its European partners that represent the countries - members of this association, is opening up new energy corridors from the South to the North of Europe to diversify traditional fuel supply routes.


About ERU

Energy Resources of Ukraine (ERU) is a group of companies with foreign investments specializing in the implementation of energy projects in Ukraine. The company combines over 35 years of international energy development and management expertise with an in-depth understanding of the local market. ERU Management Services LLC is the American corporate parent company, which since July 2020 is the one who carries out deliveries of gas to Romania.  

Also, part of the ERU TRADING Group, which is part of the Group and conducts trading transactions in July 2019 was the first company that implemented the import of electricity from European countries to Ukraine. In August 2019, the first American LNG for Ukraine was contracted by ERU TRADING LLC.