On October 29,  First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine/Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv met with the First Official U.S.trade mission of the U.S. Department of Commerce which arrived in Ukraine to search for promising investment objects.

"Ukraine-U.S. trade is steadily growing - the turnover of goods in the 8 months of 2018 has already increased by 16% to $2.6 billion. The common interests are represented in agribusiness, energy, infrastructure, IT, industrial sectors. We also started the process of privatization under the new progressive legislation, which creates exceptional investment opportunities for American companies", Stepan Kubiv emphasized.

Stepan Kubiv added that American companies are already undertaking high business activities  in Ukraine and are reliable partners for Ukrainian business.

"The U.S.companies have already brought their own technologies into Ukraine, and due to the presence of skilled personnel in Ukraine, they managed to achieve remarkable results. We will continue  systemic reforms in Ukraine, improve investment climate, deregulate and strengthen the rights of investors. It is certain that our cooperation will yield more tangible results", Stepan Kubiv said.

He also noted that the United States-Ukraine Trade and Investment Council demonstrates efficient work, the Ukrainian-American Working Groups on promoting the development of bilateral trade, investments, protection of intellectual property rights, agriculture, and the elimination of technical barriers to trade have been established


The first official U.S. trade mission of 12 American companies interested in developing business with Ukraine began its work on October 29, 2018. A series of meetings is scheduled to be held with representatives of the Ukrainian business, as well as the World Bank and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Representatives of American companies - members of the Mission will be provided with detailed briefings on the peculiarities of doing business in Ukraine, as well as practical recommendations for new business  partners search.

LINK: https://www.kmu.gov.ua/en/news/do-ukrayini-pribula-persha-oficijna-torgovelna-misiya-ssha-vivchati-perspektivni-obyekti-dlya-investicij