June 10, 2019 Camden, NJ: Ukraine’s national nuclear operator NAEK Energoatom, the nation’s State Scientific and Technology Center (SSTC), and Holtec International ratified the creation of a consortium partnership that binds the three companies into a cooperative undertaking to chaperone the deployment of the SMR-160 small modular reactors in the country. The Consortium is a US company registered in Delaware with each of the three parties owning allotted shares. The Consortium’s technology operation center will be based in Kiev, Ukraine. This Consortium will give fresh impetus to realize the objectives of the MOU signed by Energoatom and Holtec last year that envisages building of six SMR-160s at the country’s Rivne nuclear station site. President Yuriy Nedashkovskyof Energoatom and Dr. Kris Singh of Holtec signed the Consortium document in person with SSTC President Igor Shevchenko signing remotely. The signing ceremony was attended by senior Holtec officials and delegations from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO), US Department of Energy and Energoatom. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Nedashkovsky spoke of the dominant role played by nuclear in Ukraine’s energy mix providing over 50% of the nation’selectric generation and expressed the confidence that SMR-160s will provide a clean energy successor to the nation’saging fleet of coal-fired plants. He assured the attendees that there is a national consensus in Ukraine to build SMRs which has been reached after extensive research and consultations.

Dr. Kris Singh recalled the long and successful business relationship between Holtec and Ukraine that has led to great outcomes. He mentioned the world’s first central fuel storagefacility being built in Ukraine with Holtec’sparticipation as an example of great things Holtec and Energoatom have been able to do together. He claimed that Ukraine, with a large nuclear industry resource base and a sterling reputation as a capable nuclear plant operator, is ideally positioned to pioneer the deployment of SMR- 160s as a global leader. He called MELCO’s role inthe SMR-160 program as vital and critical to the SMR-160 program’s success.

Dr. Kris Singh and Yuriy Nedashkovsky after document signing

Dr. Kris Singh and Yuriy Nedashkovsky after document signing 

Senior Vice President of Energy & Industrial Systems Group in MELCO, Noriyuki Takazawa, reaffirmed his company’s strongsupport of the SMR-160 program complete the plant’s instrument and control systems. Mr. Takazawa reiterated hiscompany’s resolve to work with Holtec to bring SMR-160 to the global markets that are eagerly waiting for an unconditionally safe nuclear reactor technology.

Edward McGinnis, representing the USDOE, speaking eloquently on the role of entrepreneurs in America’s industrialcapacity, hailed the rise of SMR-160 by a private company. He called the US government’s strong support of the SMRprogram a national imperative.

In addition to MELCO and the tri-party consortium, Exelon Corporation (Chicago) and SNC-Lavalin (Canada) are well known industry stalwarts working in the SMR-160 program. The reactor is currently undergoing the multi-stage review cycle & licensing in Canada.

From left to right:  Dr. Kris Singh (Holtec); Noriyuki Takazawa (Mitsubishi); Edward McGinnis (US DOE); Yuriy Nedashkovsky (Energoatom)

From left to right: Dr. Kris Singh (Holtec); Noriyuki Takazawa (Mitsubishi); Edward McGinnis (US DOE); Yuriy Nedashkovsky (Energoatom)

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