We are pleased to announce that Battelle, Pacific Northwest Division, the management and operating contractor of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, completed their evaluation under a competitive solicitation and awarded a contract to Holtec Government Services, LLC (HGS) for the design, certification and fabrication of two new transportation casks, dedicated trailers and ancillary equipment for the shipment of Tritium Producing Burnable Absorption Rods (TPBARs). The new transportation casks will be dedicated to shipment of TPBARs from the TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant to the Savannah River Site. 

Robotic Welding of HI-STAR Transportation Cask at
Holtec Manufacturing Division in Turtle Creek, PA

The new transportation casks, designated as the “HI-STAR PBT” for Purpose-Built Tritium transportation cask, will be fabricated at Holtec’s Advanced Manufacturing Plant, located at the Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus, in Camden, NJ. Holtec International is an energy technology company with skilled craftsmen in each of its heavy manufacturing plants in Pittsburgh, PA and Camden, NJ and a light manufacturing plant in Orrville, Ohio. Holtec has delivered transportation and storage cask systems to 116 nuclear plants world-wide, built with some of the largest and advanced machining and milling equipment in North America.

“We are proud to be supporting the U.S. Department of Energy’s Tritium Sustainment Program and the country’s long-term national defense interests. Our objective was to incorporate unique design features into a cask system that would meet the program goals, while protecting the TPBARs under all operations and postulated abnormal events, achieving the highest levels of safety during transportation,” says Joy Russell, President of Holtec Government Services, LLC.

Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus, in Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Holtec has secured 15 active U.S. Certificates of Compliance for transportation and storage cask systems in the past thirty years. “We attribute this success to the strength and depth of Holtec’s engineering and design capabilities, licensing experience and manufacturing capabilities. We look forward to working closely with Battelle, TVA Watts Bar and the Savannah River Site to successfully deliver the HI-STAR PBT transportation cask systems,” says Myron Kaczmarsky, Senior Director of Holtec Government Services.

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