We are pleased to announce that Holtec fabricated and delivered six PWR high-density spent fuel racks and associated ancillary equipment to Duke Energy’s Harris Nuclear Plant well ahead of the promised contractual date.  Blessed with four Fuel Pools, the single unit Shearon Harris is unique among nuclear plants in the matter of wet storage capacity.

Holtec has designed and provided PWR and BWR high-density racks to Harris starting with a contract entered in 1991. Several repeat contracts have followed since 1991 with the latest established in 2018 and delivered in early 2019. The spent fuel racks will be installed in Pool D during Phase 1.








Spent Fuel Storage Racks Fabricated for Duke Energy’s Harris Nuclear Plant at Holtec’s Orrvilon Manufacturing Division, in Orrville, OH

The high-density fuel racks engineered by Holtec for Shearon Harris belong to the genre of detuned honeycomb (DHB) racks pioneered by Holtec in the 1990s, which minimize the load on the pool slab under seismic conditions. Holtec has provided the DHB modules to over 120 nuclear units around the world.  Holtec has also helped the Harris Nuclear Plant solve the Boraflex degradation problem (which has afflicted fuel racks of 1980s vintage across the industry) by providing 1000 DREAM (Device for Reactivity Mitigation) Inserts in the fall of 2018, which were recently installed at Harris by Duke Energy.          

Duke Energy’s Manager – Nuclear Engineering, Dry Fuel Storage, Steven Edwards, stated, “Holtec has been a valued supplier to Duke and previously to Progress energy for nearly three decades.  Duke is pleased with Holtec’s manufacturing capabilities that have expanded over the nearly thirty relationship.”  

“We would like to thank the Harris project team, led by Duke Energy’s Project Manager, Bradley Wayne Morrison, for his supportive and collegial posture throughout this project whose outstanding success is a testament to spirit of collaboration that pervaded the project,” says Holtec’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Pankaj Chaudhary.

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