On behalf of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency we are honored to invite you to the press conference «INVESTMENT COLLAPSE OR GREEN COMPROMISE - WHICH WAY DOES UKRAINE CHOOSE?»

The event shall take place on 9th June at 12:00 at KYIV INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER PARKOVY (Parkova road, 16a, Kyiv).

The purpose of the press conference is to discuss the key problems of the energy sector and to present the ways for their solution in order to ensure the sustainable development of the renewable energy sector in Ukraine in the long run and save the investment climate in the country.

At the event, investors in renewable energy present their vision of resolving the crisis in the energy market of Ukraine. The final positions of electricity producers from renewable energy sources, which have brought billions of investments to Ukraine, will be presented in the wording of the Memorandum.

Contacts for registration: tel. +380939673116, e-mail ikrymus@uare.com.ua 

Language of the event: English / Ukrainian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.


NOTE: For those who can’t join the press conference in person will be able to watch it in English and Ukrainian at the following YouTube      channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-9Ko9l9kyQZNsgtsDF9c5Q, (there will be         separate streams for English and for Ukrainian).”