JV PPC funded the purchase of medical equipment and personal protective equipment for medical personnel of Poltava region.

The management of Novosanzharsk and Mashevsk district councils of Poltava region asked for the necessary help. In addition, the company purchased and personally donated protective disposable suits, goggles, protective gloves, as well as medical masks and masks.

“The problem of providing physicians with personal protective equipment is an urgent one, as it is difficult to provide all the medical facilities in sufficient numbers. Therefore, the role of private business in combating a pandemic is extremely high today. We are grateful to the JV PPC companies for taking a responsible position and helping to preserve the health of the people of Poltava region, ”Olga Girya, Chief Medical Officer of Novosarzhary Central Regional Hospital, commented.

 “The JV PPC has always been a part of the community of Poltava region, without leaving aside the problems and actively involved in solving them. At a difficult time for the whole country, in the face of the threat of Covid-19, our company has also decided to help and support the doctors, which is what they are today "on the forefront" of fighting the epidemic. We have already provided assistance for several hundred thousand hryvnias and are in communication with the Poltava Regional State Administration regarding additional assistance, ”said Victor Gladun, General Director of JV PPC.

JV PPC has been taking an active social responsibility, helping the communities of Poltava for more than 25 years. Last year, the company donated charity assistance for projects worth over UAH 2 million. In addition, part of the taxes and rents paid by the company goes to local and regional budgets of Poltava region.