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The new issue of the KPMG Review Magazine, Customer Obsessed, is available in English. In this issue we interview leaders from PrivatBank, PepsiCo Ukraine, Microsoft Ukraine and InterContinetal Kyiv.

We speak to Petr Krumphanzl, the Chairman of the Board, who tells us how PrivatBank is transforming to meet the requirements of its customers and to stay at the forefront of banking innovation

We put the following questions to Marek Tomalek, Country Manager of PepsiCo Ukraine:

  • How do you create a customer-centric culture?
  • What new technologies help companies to understand customer expectations and provide a high-quality customer experience?
  • Which channels of communication with the client are most efficient?
  • Do customer values change, and how? What causes those changes?
  • How do you maintain customer trust?

Marek tells us about his approach, in a wide-ranging conversation with Andriy Tsymbal, Managing Partner of KPMG in Ukraine.

Watch video and download the KPMG Review Magazine (PDF, 7 MB) and read insights of the leading experts.