Lviv City
Investment News
EBRD, NEFCO and E5P are providing a financing package of €27.5 million to the city of Lviv aimed at improving the municipal wastewater treatment services.
The investment programme will enable Lvivvodokanal to install a wastewater biogas combined heat and power plant (CHP), which will be able to generate up to 39,400 MWh of electricity annually and will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 128,600 tonnes of CO2. Other environmental benefits for the city and the region will be achieved through the installation of grit chambers and a chemical precipitation plant, which are expected to improve overall wastewater treatment in Lviv and reduce the pollution discharged to the Poltva River.
“We admire the professional expertise that the research was conducted with and that all the latest technologies that are now in the European Union were taken into account. We are now witnessing a truly historical moment - signing an agreement with the EBRD and other European foundations that also provide a 7.5 million Euro grant. This indicates the high credibility of our city.”

Andriy Sadovyi, Lviv City Mayor
“This project is historical not only for the city but for the whole Ukraine. It is the evidence that all organizations involved in this project believe and support the strategic vision of the city's potential, the view of the future. 
I must note one important thing: all the projects that we implement in Ukraine, we first implement in Lviv. This means that we first sign such agreements in Lviv and then replicate their experience in other cities of Ukraine. In fact, Lviv sets the bar for the whole country.”

Shevki Acuner, Director of the EBRD in Ukraine
“But western Ukraine is clearly doing decently. In the first three quarters of 2015 Lviv, a city in the west from where your correspondent is writing this, had one of the biggest jumps in employment of any province in Ukraine. And construction is doing rather well (luxury flats are popping up across the city and hipster bars are opening).

Of course, such a contrast is not terribly surprising. Lviv is well over 1,000 km away from Donetsk; and its economy, with a heavy concentration of services like IT, is a world away from the coal-mining and steel of the east. Basically they are entirely different economies, which talk of “Ukraine” ignores.”

The Economist
The first and the most difficult stage of new Beskid tunnel is completed.

A 1.7 km long tunnel passes through the mountain at an altitude of 781-807 meters and the rock layer above the tunnel reaches 182 meters. The tunnel is of strategic importance – it improves the Ukraine - Europe rail connection and will allow trains to move in two tracks. The tunnel is expected to be launched by the end of 2017.
In the framework of EBRD projects in Lviv two tenders are announced:
1. Rehabilitation of the Maintenance Building with Boiler Room, Utility and Administrative Rooms of Tramway Depot 2 of the Lviv Municipal Enterprise “Lvivelektrotrans”. 
2. Supply and Installation of the Dispatching and Monitoring System.

Companies willing to participate are invited to get acquainted with the terms and conditions at the EBRD web site.
Since January 1, 2016 the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area between Ukraine and the EU started to operate. It provides full or gradual removal of import and export customs duties. The European commission gave ten Ukrainian producers of dairy products access to the EU market from January 10, 2016. “Lviv Kholodokombinat” known for producing ice cream brand “LIMO” is among them.
“Lviv Kholodokombinat” is the most experienced Ukrainian ice cream manufacturer. The production of cold dainties in Lviv started 70 years ago. In 2014 the company reconstructed its ice cream factory, increased the production area for over 1,000 sq m and upgraded the equipment. Today ”LIMO” is one of three best Ukrainian ice cream producers. The assortment of the company includes more than 150 products.