On 16 April 2017, Resolution No. 118 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Approval of the Rules for Issuing Visas to Enter into Ukraine and Transit Through Its Territory", dated 1 March, 2017 (the "Resolution"), comes into effect. The Resolution, among other updates, provides for an option to submit a visa application online, regulates the term necessary to obtain a visa and reduces the visa consulate fee.

Option to apply for a visa online

In accordance with the Resolution, foreign nationals can now apply for a Ukrainian visa for business or tourist purposes online.  Such visa may be issued as a single-entry visa allowing the holder to stay in Ukraine for up to 30 days.  Previously, such option was unavailable.

Reduced periods for visa issue

The Resolution has established the following periods for issue of visa:

• pursuant to the expedited procedure, a visa should be issued within five business days from the day of submission of the visa application documents to the consulate (previously, this term was not to exceed 15 calendar days);

• pursuant to the regular procedure, a visa should be issued within 10 business days from the day when the visa application documents were submitted to the consulate, unless additional verifications are required (previously, this term was up to 15 calendar days).

Reduced visa fee

The fee charged by the consulate for a visa of any type (B, C or D) has been reduced to USD 65.  Previously, the fee depended on the allowed number of entries into Ukraine and was equal to USD 85, USD 130 and USD 200 respectively.

Obtaining a visa at the Ukrainian border

A new ground has been established for obtaining a visa at the border for business or tourist purposes.  Now, the nationals of certain states (e.g., Australia, India, China, the UAE, Singapore) will be able to obtain such visa at the border for a stay of up to 15 days.  Previously, obtaining a visa at the border for business travel was not possible.

Other novelties

• Increased term of validity for long-term visa (type D): now, a long-term visa can be issued as a multiple entry visa for 90 days (previously, such visa was issued only as a single entry visa allowing the holder to stay in Ukraine for up to 45 days);

• New ground to obtain a short-term visa (type C): now, a short-term visa can be obtained by foreign nationals upon submission (as part of the application) of title documents to real estate located in Ukraine.  Previously, such ground for obtaining a visa did not exist;

• Simplification of the requirements for visa invitation letters: for the purpose of obtaining a short-term visa, the invitation can be (i) on the letterhead of the host Ukrainian legal entity; or (ii) notarized, if the invitation is issued by a natural person.  Previously, all invitations had to be obtained from the relevant department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Additional notes

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