NIBULON’s non-self-propelled open type vessel built at NIBULON’s shipbuilding and repair yard transports driven piles.

The non-self-propelled open type vessel built at NIBULON’s shipbuilding and repair yard transports driven piles. 

Since January 13, during three days, NIBULON at its Mykolaiv transshipment terminal berth loaded its new vessel with piles produced by Mykolaiv concrete product plant. The non-self-propelled vessel transported 400 driven piles with the total weight of 1,000 tons intended for the construction of NIBULON’s first Zelenodolska branch transshipment terminal in Dnipropetrovsk region. Till March 2020, the company will transport 1,540 sets (7,546 tons) by water transport.

The non-self-propelled vessel accompanied by NIBULON-4 tug is on the way to Kozatska branch in Kherson region. According to the shipping company’s specialists, it takes the vessels about a day to reach Kozatska branch. 

One cargo trip enabled NIBULON to remove more than 41 trucks from the highways in Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. The non-self-propelled open type vessel will make commercial trips, transporting general and bulk cargoes and as well as building materials required to construct and reconstruct NIBULON’s own infrastructure facilities. This will enable the company to improve NIBULON’s fleet efficiency and to increase river transportation volumes.

Consequently, NIBULON redirects to water transport not only grain but also building materials, in particular reinforced-concrete slabs, sand, piles, and others. The fleet transports metal, coal, Kherson melons and watermelons. The company’s fleet mastered the transportation of bulk cargoes, namely an iron ore roasting kiln.

We would remind you that the non-self-propelled B1500 project open type vessels with the cargo capacity of 1,500 tons and cargo deck space of 860 mare intended to transport containers, general and bulk cargoes, including sand, gravel, pallet cargoes, timber, and others. The vessel’s dimensions are as follows: length – 75 m, breadth – 17 m, depth – 3.5 m. The first B1500 project vessel was launched at NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard in December, 2019.