Ukraine House launched a fund to support Ukraine, Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian children wounded in the war.

Ukraine House stands with Ukraine’s Armed Forces and helps people of Ukraine. You can join too by making a transfer of your donation or attending one of the Fundraiser Events in the Ukraine House in Washington D.C. Visit Ukraine House Facebook page


Account information for transactions:

Wire; Name on the account: Ukraine House DC Foundation

Account number: 435048350785; Routings number: 051000017

Zelle transfer: UkraineHouseDC@gmail.com

Venmo: @ukrainehousedc
Also Ukraine House has a drop box for the donations at 2134 Kalorama Rd NW, Washington, DC 20008



UCCA Council on Aid to Ukrainians (CAU) has launched a nationwide fundraising campaign to specifically provide humanitarian aid and to support emergency relief efforts for millions of Ukrainians.

UCCA fundraising campaign is in response to Russia's brutal attack on a free and democratic ally of the United States. 
UCCA works with various international relief organizations and NGOs including “AICM-Ukraine” Foundation (Association Internationale de Cooperation Medicine) who is procuring vital medical and pharmaceutical supplies for the victims of Russia’s war against Ukraine.  

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America has raised over 2 million US dollars submitted via UCCA’s MightyCause platform, direct bank deposits, donations and charity events, with an additional 2 million US dollars in in-kind donations distributed by UCCA, and numerous UCCA local chapters gathering hundreds of thousands of US dollars in donations in only the last few months.

How to Donate: (Credit Card)
Wire transfer or check:
Please visit the UCCA website at: https://ucca.org
Checks may be payable to "UCCA-CAU" and sent to: UCCA; 203 Second Avenue; New York, NY 10003
Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) may be sent to the following account free of charge, through Alloya Corporate: Alloya Corporate F.C.U. - ABA Routing # 221 381 715
P.O. Box 15021-502; Albany, NY 12212-5021; Tel#: (800) 342-4328
Credit To: Self Reliance (NY) F.C.U - ABA Routing # 2260 7837 9
Final Credit To: Ukrainian Congress Committee of America; #4225-01 Aid to Ukraine



A team of American and Ukrainian experts with 20+ years working together in democratic reform in Ukraine launched  Help Ukraine 22 “Operation Palyanytsya” and are putting everything they have into immediate humanitarian action.

Grants are provided exclusively for humanitarian aid, and specifically for women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Help Ukraine 22 provides critical medical assistance/exams to women and children who survived after sexual abuse by Russians in Ukraine.

Rescue help and online medical support are also provided.

Support is provided both financially and in humanitarian and medical supplies. Having a presence in the US, EU, and Ukraine, reliable partners for fund distribution and a safe yet agile supply chain give Help Ukraine 22 both fiscal and supply flexibility.

VIDEO Statement by Brian Mefford, Founder of Wooden Horse Strategies LLC about Help Ukraine 22


USUBC NOTE: Wooden Horse Strategies LLC is a member of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)


4. KYIV SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (KSE) humanitarian aid campaign

When Russia attacked Ukraine, the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) immediately jumped into action and launched a campaign to procure and distribute emergency medical supplies and protective equipment. KSE has already delivered many thousands of medical kits, helmets, and armored vests directly to the people who need them most.

 Distribution within Ukraine is carried out by volunteers and coordinated with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Medical and Paramedic Association, and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces (local volunteers who protect their towns and communities from Russian aggression.)

Because KSE is in direct contact with emergency personnel in the most affected regions of Ukraine, the School is able to deliver aid rapidly and efficiently—with virtually no overhead—and to respond quickly and nimbly to changing needs. For example, while at the beginning of the war there was a life-or-death need to procure as many supplies as possible as rapidly as possible, now KSE is supporting domestic production of medical supplies (at about one-fifth the cost of imports) and also procuring armored ambulances and other vehicles.

Soon—if the university is able to mobilize sufficient funds—KSE will begin deploying mobile medical units staffed by Ukrainian physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel so that medical services can be quickly delivered to newly liberated towns and villages—wherever the need is greatest.

In the first month of the war, KSE raised $14 million (mostly from Ukrainian sources). In April, the School raised an additional $9 million. KSE appeals to international donors to help reach the overall goal of $35 million.

Donations may be made through the KSE Charitable Foundation, a U.S. public charity (501(c)(3)). International donations will be used for medical assistance only, and those made in the United States are deductible for U.S. tax purposes. Auditors from Crowe Global review the humanitarian fund on a monthly basis.

HOW TO DONATE - https://kse.ua/support/donation



Launched by Foundation "Believe in yourself”,
a non-profit organization, founded by Viktor and Irina Ivanchyk

Common Help UA is a humanitarian project created by the Charitable Foundation “Believe in Yourself” and  agro-industrial holding “Astarta-Kyiv” from the onset of the full-scale Russian military aggression against Ukraine.  The project participants put together their capabilities, resources, and contacts to restore lives of ordinary Ukrainians.
Common Help Ukraine Recent Report, May 2, 2022

Common Help Ukraine established a non-stop 24/7 work schedule to provide humanitarian assistance to those who need it. In this respect, Common Help Ukraine set up four hubs in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky and Poltava oblasts on the basis of Astarta’s assets, where evacuees receive humanitarian, legal and psychological assistance, as well as accommodation. Additionally, three more hubs will be opened. The Fund has trucks fleet which is used for transportation of humanitarian produce from neighbor countries.

Common Help Ukraine is looking for partners who can help in the provision of the hubs with food, hygiene products, medicines, clothing and other humanitarian goods or financially.


USUBC NOTE: Astarta Kyiv is a long-time member of USUBC



Church World Service (CWS) is one of the major resettlement agencies in the U.S. that has been helping asylum seekers and refugees for over 75 years. When the Refugee Act of 1980 passed, CWS had already resettled 350,000 refugees in communities across the United States. Today that number is over 865,000.

Within last month multiple local offices of CWS have reported Ukrainians who have approached the office or been referred to them about available services.

This included individual crossing the southern border, some with tourist visas, as well as individuals who were in process through the Lautenberg program but have instead opted to cross the southern border rather than wait for final Lautenberg processing.

Thousands of Ukrainians are seeking asylum and support by reaching the United States through various journeys. CWS is already helping people from Ukraine in the United States providing them housing, food,

Donate or Start a Fundraiser on social media to support basic needs of Ukrainians in the US.

CWS Social Worker (Home Study) Job Opportunity to work with Ukrainian refugees

WCS Statement on ‘Uniting for Ukraine’ Biden Administration program


7. THE SHELTER PROJECT by Eurasia Foundation
Partners with Ukraine-Based Organizations to Support Internally Displaced People

Eurasia Foundation, in partnership with the Kyiv-based East Europe Foundation and a network of over 500 Ukrainian non-governmental organizations, is providing emergency assistance to internally displaced people in Ukraine through the Shelter Project in four key ways: 

  • By supporting and supervising hospitality stations providing food, fresh water, medicine, and other necessities to IDPs in multiple locations across the country. 
  • By procuring and distributing humanitarian aid arriving from abroad. 
  • By assisting partner NGOs in effectively allocating humanitarian assistance. 
  • By collecting and amplifying reliable information about other vulnerable populations that need humanitarian aid.




BGV Charity Fund was established to help Ukraine during the war and rebuild the country after the victory.

The Fund searches for, procures, provides legal support, and organizes the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine for those who need it.

The main directions of the Fund’s work are:

 Cooperation with perinatal centers, maternity hospitals, and children’s hospitals to provide the youngest patients with everything they need;

Assistance to hospitals and specialized medical institutions – purchase and delivery of medicines, instruments, and medical equipment;

The “Nutrition and Hygiene” direction is about purchasing and logistics hygiene products and tools to address and avoid humanitarian crises in Ukraine.

The founder of the BGV Charity Fund is a Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist — Hennadii Butkevych, who is developing several children’s, sports, social, and other charitable initiatives in Ukraine.

BGV Charity Fund has hryvnia and foreign currency accounts so that everyone can support the organization and join humanitarian projects focused on the specific needs of refugees, military, volunteer centers, medical facilities, and residents of cities where active military actions are taking place.


USUBC NOTE: BGV Group is a member of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)


Nova Ukraine is one of the largest non-profit organizations working to help the Ukrainian people, dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and raising awareness about Ukraine in the United States as well as in the rest of the world.

Through generous donations, Nova Ukraine funds a variety of efforts to help the people of Ukraine and to strengthen Ukraine's democratic society. The Nova Ukraine team and volunteers have been working tirelessly around the clock helping people in need.

$20M Raised
$14.5M Spent

Airbus A330 cargo flight with $3.5 million worth of emergency medical supplies organized by Nova Ukraine in partnership with the Ukrainian Student Association at Stanford University and the Ukrainian Association of Washington State (UAWS) took off from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and landed in Lublin, Poland on March 29th.




An international volunteering organization uniting professionals from investment banking, the corporate world, professional services, NGOs, arts, tech and military sectors, raising funds outside Ukraine to provide large-scale assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and support humanitarian actions on the frontline.

YellowBlue Farce is focusing on 5 critical areas:
1. Life saving protective gear

2. Thermal imagers and night vision devices

3. Video drones and video vigilance systems

4. Communication equipment and systems

5. Vehicles

Read more about this initiative


NOTE: One can go to the website of each of the organizations listed shown by clicking on the name of the organization.

Additional list of organizations that accept donations for People & Army of Ukraine can be found by following the LINK_1.

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