"Today I have attended the meeting of the business representatives with the President of Ukraine. The meeting was held to discuss how Ukraine can fight coronavirus and the consequences of this pandemic.

Coronavirus is a disaster of the unprecedented magnitude for the modern world. I am absolutely confident that in this situation everyone must think how exactly they can help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

My Foundation is the first one which has joined the aid effort. We are not going to stand aside: we have been helping, we are helping and we will continue to help. The Foundation has already purchased the required equipment and personal protective equipment against coronavirus. We coordinate fully with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and will continue to provide help as long as it is needed.

SCM businesses are not going to stay on the sidelines either. All our companies and industrial enterprises assume the responsibility for the health and life of our employees in the regions where we operate. Cooperating with the Health Ministry, we do our utmost to prevent the coronavirus outbreak in the regions of our operations and throughout the country.

Only by joining our efforts in the face of danger, we can help Ukraine cope with the challenges it faces".

LINK: https://www.scm.com.ua/en/news/everyone-must-think-how-they-can-help-ukraine-and-the-ukrainians