Sayenko Kharenko (SK) confirms negotiations with Yevgeniy Solodko about his potential arrival to SK and merging the two teams to boost SK’s criminal law practice. In view of the fact that each of the firms has an impressive list of clients in different areas, the most critical point in the negotiation process is verifying the absence of any conflicts of interest and thorough KYC checks of each client before they can be accepted by SK.

SK CEO Nazar Chernyavsky comments: “Over the last few years, we have managed to build a fully-fledged white collar crime practice out of our existing anticorruption compliance practice. Now our attorneys handle all types of criminal cases and investigations, including corporate fraud, tax evasion, corruption charges, IP rights protection and anti-counterfeiting, and forensics. The arrival of Mr. Solodko, who is deemed one of the top experts in this area in Ukraine, at this point would add significant value to SK’s offering, both to local and foreign clients through providing more complex and practical solutions.”

Partner Sergiy Smirnov adds: “We expect soaring demand for sophisticated legal support in the field of white collar crime defence, including from local clients, due to the emergence of new law enforcement agencies in Ukraine and reform of the judicial system. This is why it seems to be the perfect moment for the leading team of criminal defence attorneys led by Mr. Solodko to join SK. Each of us will be able to fully concentrate on our respective areas of expertise in criminal defence.”

Yevgeniy Solodko concludes: “Being a part of a large law firm definitely provides more opportunities and support for our team, which will raise the level of services even higher and make it possible to provide clients with the international standards offered by SK. We all very much look forward to the next stage of our professional growth.”