On April 18, the results of the international employer brand research run by Randstad were announced. They spotlighted dominating trends on the labor market and defined the most attractive national employers recognized with the Randstad Award. This year, the very first time that Ukraine participated in the survey, totally 10,000 respondents took part in a nationwide poll.

Following the results, SoftServe was recognized as the best employer to work for in IT sector alone, and in the whole Ukraine at large.

We’re pleased that SoftServe’s unique corporate culture as well as the narrowed focus and the input that SoftServe makes into the development and well-being of its associates were appreciated strong by the respondents. We’ve been extremely lucky to have our employees joined the company. As we all know, the brightest and the most talented people gravitate to the likesome professionals. All together, we build up a successful and socially responsible company that everyone of us admires and craves to work for, 

says Anna Solohub, HR Marketing Director at SoftServe.

The recent results of Randstad Employer Brand Research confirmed the global tendency of decreased importance of company’s commitment to meet financial expectations of job-seekers. A remuneration is no longer the determining factor for choosing the future employer. A global mission of the company together with the career opportunities and inspiration for the long-term goals achievements turned out to be the top criteria for the majority of respondents. Thus, the employer with the positive and reliable reputation only can draw the best talents to work for it. Also, the employees show more loyalty to the companies enabling them to keep work-life balance. Thus, they pick up the employers who promise flexible schedule and convenient office locations.

The local Ukrainian tendencies slightly differ from the world-prevailing ones. The most appealing factors for the Ukrainian job-applicants are:

  • Attractive salary and social package – 79%;
  • Career growth – 50%;
  • Financial solvency – 48%;
  • Pleasant working conditions – 46%;
  • Stimulating and challenging work – 45%.

Randstad Employer Brand Research stands for the international survey run by Randstad Company for 18 years in 32 countries, including the USA, China, Australia, Germany, UAE and others. It identifies the corporate, industry, and geographic features among the employers. Annually, the worldwide editions of this research cover nearly 200 000 respondents and 6162 companies. In each country, no less than 7000 respondents fill in an online questionnaire made up of 3 sets of questions: the ones detailing respondents’ portray, trends on the labor market highlighted as positive for the job seekers, and a survey identifying the most attractive employer within the country.
SoftServe is a leading Ukrainian IT company providing software and consulting services for the clients from all around the globe. One of the largest software developing enterprises in Eastern Europe, SoftServe is repeatedly ranked among the three biggest IT companies in Ukraine. As of now, over 7000 specialists reside in European and American offices, scattered in twelve countries. Company’s headquarters are located in Lviv and Austin, Texas, United States. Developing centers’ map is dotted by company’s affiliates in Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Sofia (Bulgaria), and Wroclaw, Bialystok, Gliwice, Warsaw (Poland).

LINK: https://itukraine.org.ua/en/softserve-stav-krashhim-nacz%D1%96onalnim-robotodavczem-ukraini.html