Stop hypocrisy of politicians, it is not just a local military conflict, it is a full-fledged bloody war with bombs, missiles, tanks and troops. Even Putin officially announced the war a week ago.

The good news is that the Third World War is a war of the whole world against one crazy dictator!

No doubt, that we will win that war but our victory should not be based on erasing a beautiful independent country Ukraine from the face of the Earth.

Wake up! We do not need to wait for the punishment of The Hague tribunal and Nurnberg process for the maniac’s military crimes against humanity! In 21st century you see all these military crimes online and from your satellites.

The bloody war must be stopped immediately!

Putin knows that he crossed all red lines and there will be no forgiveness for his military crimes but we do not need to sacrifice Ukraine for your understanding of that.

We need to protect the Earth from the insane maniac and stop to count whether Ukraine is a member of NATO or not. We need to do that to protect humanity!

Just listen to Putin’s speech, he has already considered sanctions as atomic weapons against Russia and threatens the world with nuclear bombs. And he is absolutely right, now there are real devastating sanctions for Russian economy with seismic negative effects at all fronts.

But all of that will not stop Putin from using nuclear weapons, it will only make him angry further as wounded cornered beast. All history of our planet shows that trying to please the aggressor only encourages him. So, the rhetoric and policy of appeasing the aggressor is totally wrong.

Yesterday the White House confirmed its commitment to not impose a no-fly zone above Ukraine repeating the argument that “direct confrontation of NATO with Russia will lead to the World War III”.

NATO has already started direct confrontation with Russia providing huge military support to Ukraine and Putin knows that. Stop hypocrisy, Ukraine has now more NATO weapons than ¾ of NATO members’ country.

Ukraine needs No-Fly Zone immediately! No-Fly Zone would not change the probability of a nuclear war, Putin knows that USA and Russia have together 90% of the world nuclear weapons.

Moreover, it is unique chance to protect all countries non-NATO member which are under risk, such as Finland and Sweden, and reconsider all existing international agreements and concepts in the world.

Russia should be immediately withdrawn from membership of all international organizations as the country-aggressor, including UN, IMF, WB etc.

World War III has already started. It’s pretty clear that NATO is already in direct confrontation with Russia. We do not need to wait when Putin physically destroys Ukraine and starts invasion into Latvia and Estonia, we need to act now!

NOTE: Valeria Hontareva was the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine 2014-2018