Bayer assists medical institutions in Ukraine by providing medical equipment to control patients for the amount of UAH 1 million. The funds are intended for the purchase of essential medical equipment for Berdychiv City Hospital and Popilnya Hospital in Zhytomyr Region. Assistance in the form of pulse oximeters, infusomats, patient monitors, defibrillators, electrocardiographs will be delivered to medical facilities to support doctors and patients who are at risk of the virus.

“Currently, support is needed from both large-city hospitals and regional and district institutions. As a health and agriculture company, we strive to contribute to the fight for the greatest value of one's life and health. Our assistance is aimed at meeting the urgent needs of two hospitals in the Zhytomyr region, ”said Jens Berens, CEO of Bayer in Ukraine. - During the pandemic, the joint efforts of our staff in different countries around the world actively support patients, doctors and healthcare facilities. Ukraine is among such countries. "

Bayer is taking a series of actions to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Support of € 3 million was directed to the countries most affected - the Lombardy region in Italy, Spain and France, and € 1.5 million - to China. Assistance was provided to Germany, China and the United States, including more than 8 million tablets of Resochin. More than 40 viral infection diagnostics devices are used in various manufacturing sites in the Bayer research laboratories in Germany, which allow up to 1000 additional COVID-19 tests per day. Company employees have joined the lab as volunteers and, at the company's discretion, do not perform their normal work responsibilities during this period. The company also manufactures disinfectants to support local needs in Germany. Bayer continues its production, uninterrupted delivery of drugs and provides further support to counteract the coronavirus.