That democracies stand by watching the mass murder, human rights catastrophe and war crimes underway in Ukraine is unconscionable. Public opinion around the world is repulsed and outraged. NATO must demand Russia cease-fire and, if not, put planes in the sky and boots on the ground. If the joint-and-several NATO charter prevents the alliance from intervening due to a few holdout nations, then NATO must release any or all nations from this one-for-all-and-all-for-one so they can individually intervene militarily and fight side by side with Ukrainians. NATO and its member armed forces must also release their soldiers, sailors, and pilots to go as individuals to Ukraine to fight Russia. And a no-fly zone — which NATO has refused — must happen immediately, on humanitarian grounds.

If the invasion continues 18 million Ukrainians will leave and millions will die. Rumanian border

As debate increases about a no-fly zone, Putin quickly issued a statement today, on March 5, stating that countries imposing a no-fly zone would be considered participating in the conflict. This is all the more reason why NATO must allow the member-nations, or soldiers and veterans, to join the cause if they so wish. This is also why nations must unleash black ops.

That America, Europe, the United Nations, and NATO have done nothing except condemn Russia, impose financial sanctions, and send some weapons makes the West an accessory to the biggest genocide in history. For nations that are founded on Judeo-Christian morals and steeped in democratic beliefs, they have failed the civilization test. By just watching, and listening to the advice of effete Ivy Leaguers and diplomats without any military or street smarts, they are naive and have become as amoral as Russia.

And America, for a democratic nation, is not even heeding the will of its people who, equipped with television’s unfiltered view of this slaughter, defy policy pronouncements. A recent survey in the US showed 74 percent support a no-fly zone over Ukraine’s airspace to prevent aerial bombing and more missiles and 80 percent want a ban against Russian oil despite the nonsense about gasoline prices. Most frightening to me is that as the war worsens, Russia will drive out the television cameras and impose a blackout on what’s about to happen next which will then be unimaginable.

Astute former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton in a video interview told the Washington Post that Ukraine must get more weapons, more drones, and a no-fly zone. He said the United States should help Ukraine demolish the “sitting duck” — a 40-mile long-stalled convoy heading toward Kyiv. He said that the West must “drive a stake through the heart of Russia’s energy sector” by banning energy exports. He said a no-fly zone over Western Ukraine to mitigate the humanitarian disaster, will not trigger a war.

To watch an interview by WP with John Bolton on a possible no-fly zone over parts of Ukraine click here:


Bolton also believes that Western drones to attack that convoy would not constitute the use of American military force, any more than does the use of Turkish drones and weapons that have arrived in Ukraine from the West. Putting NATO boots on the ground, including American ones, to train and aid Ukrainians would not constitute an act of war. And if Putin’s mere threat gets us to do something that he wants, he said, “he is getting it for free,” and he will never stop. The next two targets are Moldova and Georgia, then a few years down the road, he will snatch a NATO member or two.

Bolton also doesn’t believe engagement will lead to a nuclear war. “It's a serious matter. It requires careful consideration. But [if] you're saying there's no difference between some use of force and all-out nuclear warfare [that] is just wrong.”

He also so that no-fly zones are permitted under the UN Charter, Chapter 42, in cases involving genocide, added Bolton. For instance, in the 1991 Gulf War, the US and its coalition partners established two no-fly zones in Iraq, the enemy. The northern one was to prevent attacks by Saddam Hussein against Kurds and the southern one was to protect Iraq’s Shia population. By so doing, and because of Hussein’s previous genocidal actions, the no-fly zones were allowed under the UN’s Chapter 42.

This is genocide, not war. As matters now stand, the West has the blood of Ukrainians on its hands. This country, struggling to wrest itself from Soviet-style corruption and government, turned to the West and was encouraged with money and words to continue down that path. To entice, then abandon, is unforgivable enough. To fail to correct now and defend what’s left of Ukraine is the beginning of the end of civilization.

NOTE: Diane Francis is a US-born Canadian journalist, author and editor-at-large for the National Post newspaper since 1998.She is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC, specializing in Eurasia policy and political issues. Since 2021, she is publishing a Substack newsletter. Diane Francis is a Veteran columnist writes about power, money, tech, and corruption in America and the world at

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