Dnipro-Podil Books, an independent publisher in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, is proud to introduce its recently published book The Ukrainian Panorama: Dispatches from the Road about People, Places, Progress and Problems

Written in English by Roman Adrian Cybriwsky, a noted geographer and emeritus professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and assisted by Maria Anchyshkina, a bright young sociology graduate of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the book is a collection of 50 well-crafted, concise essays and 101 high-quality proprietary photographs that takes readers to cities, towns, and villages in major regions of this fascinating, beautiful, and strategically important country. The Ukrainian Panorama is Dr. Cybriwsky’s third book since 2014 on a contemporary Ukrainian topic, following a critical account of fast-changing urban development trends in Kyiv and the acclaimed Ukraine’s River, a social and environmental profile of the Dnipro. Like the earlier books by Dr. Cybriwsky, this volume is highly supportive of Ukraine and its quest for true independence and prosperity.

The Ukrainian Panorama presents a range of topics that will serve as an excellent source of information and insight for readers who know little about Ukraine. It will also be informative for those who have been interested in the country for a long time, because the text covers considerable new ground in Ukraine and offers original perspectives on topics and places that are otherwise well known. Especially because Ukraine is so much in the news these days, this handsome volume will be a thoughtful and useful holiday gift this season.

The book is in stock and is delivered quickly by Amazon. Its 502 pages retail for the affordable price of $22. The Amazon link is below:

LINK: The Ukrainian Panorama: Dispatches from the Road about People, Places, Progress, and Problems