WASHINGTON D.C., Aug 09, 2023 - The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) is delighted to introduce Spar Elite as its latest member. This collaboration represents a significant stride in enhancing cooperation between the United States of America and Ukraine.

The founder of Spar Elite, Zinoviy Holobutovsky, stands as a notable figure who played a crucial role in Ukraine's journey to independence. He was instrumental in realizing this freedom, and later, he took on the vital task of rebuilding the nation's economy. During the 1990s, Mr. Zinoviy established a company that grew into a family enterprise. Specializing in food products, the company caters to the entire Lviv region, generating employment opportunities. Over the years, Mr. Zinoviy has guided the company with unwavering patriotism and dedication, establishing "Spar Elite" as a prominent industry player.

Zinoviy Holobutovsky, owner of Spar Elite, expressed his enthusiasm about joining USUBC, stating: "We are incredibly proud to be part of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council. Our company's mission revolves around providing sustenance for all citizens while contributing to the nation's progress through job creation and support for local communities. Joining the USUCB is a significant step towards solidifying our international position and fostering collaboration with the USA."

Morgan Williams, CEO and President of USUBC, warmly welcomed Spar Elite as a new member, saying: "We extend a hearty welcome to Spar Elite for becoming part of the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). By embracing Spar Elite into our community, we are fulfilling USUBC's mission as a premier platform for nurturing business relations, sharing best practices, and catalyzing economic growth. We firmly believe that this partnership will strengthen cooperation and unveil new avenues for business prospects.

To Spar Elite, we extend a warm embrace into our USUBC family! Together, we shall pave the way for success and prosperity for both our nations."