According to media reports, Transcarpathian Prosecutor Volodymyr Havrilyuk has been working in in conjunction with raiders of Avellana Gold, which has been investing in Ukraine since 2016. This was stated by investor and CEO, Brian C. Savage. He announced the names of the raiders - the director of Gofer Mining, Alexander Mashtepa, and his accomplices Dmytro Zaitsev and Dmytro Karp, reports .

The owner of a new processing plant in Transcarpathia, Brian C. Savage, a U.S. citizen, was the speaker of the world's largest mining forum PDAC held in Toronto, Canada. Avellana Gold managed by Brian C. Savage represented Ukraine's mineral sector.

The theme of the speech: "Junior mining in Ukraine: personal experience and prospects". Avellana Gold's story was told as part of this presentation. As soon as the investor built the factory, it faced the attempts of seizure by criminals, work blocking by the prosecutor's office and the governor (now the former), constant defamation in media and many lawsuits.

The recent media attack was linked to a hearing in the Supreme Court, which finally confirmed the fictitiousness of Gofer Mining and Cengart Financial, which covered up the raid with investment intentions. Despite this pressure, Avellana Gold shareholder refused to meet with all sorts of negotiators and found justice in court. Taking the opportunity, he reported the names of all those involved in the raid at the PDAC mining forum. Brian C. Savage urged investors not to be afraid to publicly name anyone who interferes with honest business development in Ukraine.

Avellana Gold is an international investment company with experience in the development of mineral deposits in Eastern Europe and many countries around the world. Avellana Gold has been investing in the Muzhievo deposit of polymetallic ores since 2016. In November 2019, the company built a new processing plant for gold, zinc and lead production. The total investment in the project is $ 140 million.