On May 23 USUBC held in Washington a very informative meeting on Ukraine's business and energy sector development. Top experts on energy sector transformation in Ukraine-  MP Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, and Mykhailo Bno-Airiian, Deputy CEO, Ukrenergo presented their vision and shared experience with USUBC attendees. 









In the picture left to right: Vasyl Kostytskyy, Ukranian Federation of America; Pavlo Moiseichenko, Embassy of Ukraine in Washington; Morgan Jacobs, Kennan Institute; Morgan Williams, USUBC; Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, MP; Suzanne B. Duvall, Westinghouse Electric Company; Mykhailo Bno-Airiian, Ukrenergo; Andrian Prokip, Ukrainian Institute for Future.

Mr. Dombrovskyi serves as First Deputy Chair of the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament of Ukraine] Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety. In his presentation he spoke about Ukrainian Energy reform and security, potential cooperation with U.S. He made un update on legislative reform and  demonopolization of gas market, progress in alternative and green energy market development in Ukraine.

Member of Parliament Oleksandr Dombrovskyi is one of the leading reformers in Ukraine regarding the reform and expansion of the energy sector to allow more private companies and private investors to engage in the production of oil and gas in Ukraine.  During the meeting USUBC members discussed further actions needed by the Government of Ukraine for more Licenses and Production Sharing Agreements (PSA's) to be put up for transparent, public auctions in Ukraine that would be attractive to the private business sector.

In the picture left to right: Morgan WIlliams, USUBC; Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, Parliament of Ukraine; Suriya Jayanti, Ukraine Desk, U.S. State Department; Elizabeth Hanny, Ukraine Desk, U.S. Department of State

Mykhailo Bno-Airiian made an overview about Ukraine’s Integration to ENTSO-E as a Strategy Priority for the country.  Integration to European power grid ENTSO-E - is currently recognized as a strategic priority for the whole country and constitutes a part of new Reform strategy of “Ukrenergo” 2017-2018.

Both presenters took numerous questions from the audience and shared their thoughts about electricity market, Ukrainian energy legislation, increase production, diversification of energy recourses supply and investment in this sector.

This meeting was organized in cooperation with Kennan Institute, a member of U.S.-Ukraine Business Council. The following companies participated in the roundtable discussion: Westinghouse, U.S.-State Department; APCO Worldwide; Broad Street Capital Group; Atlantic Council; APEEXPORT; Culhane Meadows; Ukrainian Federation Of America, U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, Embassy of Ukraine in the USA; Hersh Consulting; DLA Piper; German Marshall Fund; Kennan Institute; The Peoples Group; Astana Law Partners; Pierce Capital Partners and others.