1.    Key Economic Indicators

2.    Economic Growth

3.    Fiscal Policies

4.    Inflation

5.    Balance of Payments

6.    How to create a NORMAL country

7.    Need for Substantive Reforms

8.    Investment Drivers

9.    Priorities in the Implementation of Economic Reforms

10.  Nine Investment Drivers for Sustainable Growth

             A.  Macroeconomic Policies

                      10.1   Anchoring  Macroeconomic Stability

                      10.2   Improving Taxation and Customs Administration

             B.  Institutional Reforms

                      10.3   Eradicating Corruption

                      10.4   Devolving Credibility of the Judiciary and Legal System

                      10.5   Improving of Public Administration

                      10.6   Reducing Political Risks and Improving Image

             C.  Business Liberalization Policies

                      10.7   De-Regulating Business Activities

                      10.8   Developing the Financial Sector

                      10.9   Improving International Trade and Capital Flows 

The entire presentation can be seen in the PDF attachment to this post.

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