UGS is a public charity that, since 2015, has helped 192 students from modest backgrounds get into the world's best boarding schools on full rides, including Andover, Choate, Deerfield Academy, Taft, and colleges, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, and others. In return, students commit to coming back to Ukraine and contributing to its rebuilding and development after completing their degrees.

The summer internship program in Ukraine is an essential part of UGS when students build their professional networks back home. In 2021, 67 UGS students completed 72 internships in Ukrainian companies and organizations. Employers especially acknowledged UGS interns' responsibility towards tasks, practical communication skills, initiative, and decision-making ability.

With the war unfolding, most Ukraine Global Scholars students cannot come back home this summer and stay on campuses or with their host families in the US. Some of them are now in Ukraine or Europe. We ask you to support bright Ukrainian students by offering them internships, ideally at Ukrainian companies or with a focus on Ukraine.

Based on the candidates' interests and majors, we are looking for internships in all areas of business, non-profit sphere, international relations and public administration. Our students are open to both in-person and remote internship opportunities. The internship duration is 4-8 weeks, but many employers maintain contact with their interns afterward.

For offering internships and further information regarding the UGS Internship Program, please contact UGS Program Manager Helen Pidgorna at