Performance in support of Sentsov held in New York

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Ukraine prepared report about Russian biological and chemical weapons. The report was submitted to NATO.

Ukraine’s long road to NATO membership. Ukraine may be closer to membership than ever before.

Human Rights Watch calling for boycott of 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Bellingcat links high-ranking Russian GRU officer to downing of MH17.
Next step - the Hague, after Russian military source named for Buk missile that downed MH17.
270 relatives of Dutch MH17 victims to sue Russia in ECHR.

Russia using gas to tighten its grip on Europe. Gazprom walks out of a seven-year antitrust battle with the European Commission mostly unscarred.

Facebook violates freedom of speech. While Russian bot farms continue enjoying too much of a freedom, journalists, bloggers, and opinion leaders who criticize the Kremlin get blocked by Facebook admins for no reason.

Week's balance: New tunnel to Europe, anti-corruption court's final stretch, and Russia sanctions.

Macroeconomic headwinds for Ukraine require urgent action.

Vice PM Kubiv: Ukraine’s economy could reach pre-crisis level in 2021.

New Beskydy tunnel doubles rail capacity to Europe.

European Commissioner Hahn: Decentralization reform is one of Ukraine’s most important achievements.

Power of decentralization: New money spurs villages.

Ukrainian factory makes boards for world champion windsurfers.

Ukrainian factory makes boards for world champion windsurfers.

Thirty percent of the news on Russian TV is dedicated to Ukraine – UCMC research.

Week’s top Russian disinformation keywords: Genocide, Nazis, and the World Cup.

Ukraine's army takes strategic height in Donbas – volunteer.

Russian hybrid army continues heavy shelling of civilian areasin Donbas.

Shelling of munitions depot near Donetsk on May 25 indicatespossible use of the newest Russian artillery systems 2S35.

Russia positioning to attack Ukraine from Sea of Azov, Ukrainian general says.

UNICEF reports number of schools destroyed by war in Donbas.

Crowdfunding platform helps Ukrainian veterans deal with PTSD and adds a cool signature to your email.

Irish businessman launches website to support Donbas war veterans.

Global action in support of Sentsov to take place June 1-2
Global action in support of Sentsov to take place June 1-2.

EU calls for immediate release of Ukrainians detained in Russia, occupied Crimea.

"Oleh Sentsov’s death will be a disgrace to Russia": 130 Russian scientists, celebrities call to set Ukrainian filmmaker free.

Prosecutor seeking 14 years for Suschenko, charged with espionage.

Ukrainian journalist Sharoiko charged with espionage gets 8 years in Belarus prison, - Ambassador Kyzym.

School kids intimidated in Russian-occupied Crimea as Crimeans refuse to reject Ukrainian citizenship.

Ukrainians celebrate Kyiv Day.

Kyiv in the spotlight: Global football fans occupy Ukraine’s capital for a day.

The genie & his Blue Bottle – Yuriy Kulchytsky: the beginning of coffee in Vienna & Lviv.

Ukrainian famous scientists.


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Tourist Ukraine: how decentralization promotes domestic tourism.

Tourist Ukraine: how decentralization promotes domestic tourism. Lemuriyske lake

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