On 8 June 2017, the Ukrainian Parliament, passed in the first hearing the Draft Law On Financial Guarantees of Medical Services and Medicines (the “Draft Law”). This is yet another milestone in enforcing the Medical Reform. 

The Draft Law is aimed, among other things, at ensuring the guaranteed health package to be covered by national budget financing, which includes the provision of medicines and medical services for emergency, palliative and certain other healthcare needs. The scope of the guaranteed health package shall be approved each year by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Another issue settled under the Draft Law is the creation of a central executive body to enforce a state policy of financing such medical services.  The Draft Law shall also allow involving private healthcare entities and individual contractors in the provision of medical services out of budget funds.

The Draft Law is now being prepared for the second hearing at the Parliament and, if adopted, will align Ukraine’s healthcare system closer to well-established western standards, increase the attractiveness of the Ukrainian healthcare system for investors and help towards the fight on corruption.

Legislation: the Draft Law No. 6327 “On Financial Guarantees of Medical Services and Medicines” dated 10.04.2017. 


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