On 17 May 2019, the President of Ukraine signed a decree launching 5G technology in the country.

Under this Decree, the Ukrainian government and the telecommunications regulator, the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatisation, must develop and adopt a step-by-step plan for implementing 5G technology in Ukraine in 2020.

The Decree is the first step in the process of introducing new fifth-generation technology to this market.

The Ukrainian President issued similar decrees in the past, such as one in 2014 for launching 3G, and another in 2015 for 4G. Consequently, Ukraine has carried our several auctions among mobile operators for radio frequency licences.

For more information on the Decree and the development of 5G in Ukraine, please contact the following local CMS expert: Olga Belyakova.

Legislation: Decree of the President of Ukraine On providing conditions for implementation of the mobile communication system of the fifth generation No. 242/2019 dated 17 May 2019.


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