General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 02.04 were approximately:

personnel - about 17800, 

tanks ‒ 631, 

APV ‒ 1776,  

artillery systems – 317, 

MLRS - 100, 

Anti-aircraft warfare systems - 54,

aircraft – 143, 

helicopters – 134, 

vehicles - 1236,

boats / cutters - 7,

fuel tanks - 76, 

UAV operational-tactical level - 87.

special equipment - 24.

mobile SRBM system - 4.

Data are being updated. The calculation is complicated by the high intensity of hostilities.

The thirty-eights day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion continues.

Russian invaders continue to conduct full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine. According to available information, a Russian enemy intends to encircle the Joint Forces and reach the administrative borders of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Russian enemy will continue to maintain certain borders in the temporarily occupied territories of Kyiv and Chernihiv oblasts in order to restrain the actions of Ukrainian troops, probably in areas near the state border of Ukraine (with the republic of belarus and the Russian federation, respectively).

In the Volyn direction, there are no signs of the formation of offensive groups by the Russian enemy. Intensified operational and combat training measures are being carried out in the units of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus. The enemy is building up the air defense system in the border areas with our state.

In the Polissya direction, the Russian enemy continues to move some units to the territory of the republic of belarus. In order to slow down the advance of our units, the Russianoccupiers are mining abandoned positions, deployment routes, elements of transport infrastructure, and equipment that cannot be evacuated.

In the Siversky direction, the enemy continues to hold separate units of the 41st All-Army to blockade the city of Chernihiv. According to available information, the main part of a Russianoccupiers' group is already concentrated on leaving for the territory of the Russian federation.

A part of the units of the 2nd All-Military Army was withdrawn from the Brovary direction to the territory of the Kursk region of the Russian federation. Other units are ready to move towards the Russian border.

In the Slobozhansky direction, a Russian enemy continues to blockade the city of Kharkiv. It is trying to continue the offensive in the Izium direction.

In the Donetsk direction, the Russian enemy is concentrating its main efforts on taking control of the settlements of Rubizhne, Siverodonetsk, Popasna, Troitske, Avdiivka, Marinka, and Krasnohorivka. A Russian enemy is trying to establish full control over the city of Mariupol.

In the South Bug direction, the enemy is carrying out assault operations in order to reach the administrative borders of the Kherson region.

As part of the Russian occupying forces, up to 75 BTGs were involved in combat missions on the territory of Ukraine, up to 34 BTGs are on recovery, and 16 BTGs are completely destroyed (information to be specified).


Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories

Iryna Vereshchuk announced 7 humanitarian corridors on April 2, 2022.  She noted that the work of humanitarian corridors is possible only under the conditions of mandatory demining along the entire route and safe passage of convoys with buses to evacuate people waiting for help and private transport.

However, she stressed that yesterday, April 1, 2022, the occupiers did not ensure compliance with the regime of silence for the passage of humanitarian goods and buses to evacuate residents of Mariupol.  In addition, Russian troops shelled civilians evacuating civilians from the Rubizhne, Nizhne, and Popasnasettlements in Luhansk oblast.



Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights

The shelling of houses and cars, the abduction of civilians and local authorities: the situation in the Sumy region remains extremely difficult.

A large number of enemy troops entered the territory of Konotop district.

In Buryn, Russian troops are shelling civilians' homes and civilian cars.  Three people received gunshot wounds.

A resident of the village of Dubovyazivka died the day before from injuries received as a result of the Russian shelling.

In the Shostka district between Bilopillya and Putivl, the Russian military detained a civilian car.  It is known that people's phones were confiscated, after which the connection with them disappeared.  Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Russian occupiers captured the deputy head of the Novoslobodskaya OTG while he was escorting humanitarian aid.

Such actions are another war crime of racist militants under Articles 7 and 8 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

I appeal to the UN Commission for Investigation Human Rights Violations during Russia's Military Invasion of Ukraine and the expert mission set up by OSCE participating States under the Moscow Mechanism to take into account these facts of war crimes and human rights violations in Ukraine.



The ombudsman of the Russian Federation T. Moskalkovaviolates the rights of the Ukrainian military.

Today, the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation paid a visit to the prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which were captured and are in one of the military units of the Black Sea Fleet in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The faces of Ukrainians were not retouched in the published photos taken during the visit. The Third Geneva Convention and Additional Protocol I on the Protection of Prisoners of War clearly established that prisoners of war should be treated humanely in all circumstances and protected from all acts of violence, intimidation, insult and public interest. This includes the disclosure of photographs or videos, recordings of interrogations, private conversations or personal correspondence, and any other private data. The Ombudsman of the Russian Federation violated the requirements of these acts in the publication regarding her visit to Ukrainian prisoners of war.

I ask the UN Commission for Investigation of Human Rights Violations during Russia's Military Invasion of Ukraine and the expert mission set up by OSCE participating States under the Moscow Mechanism to take into account these violations of Ukrainian citizens' rights by Russian officials, including Ombudsman T. Moskalkova. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that during my visit to one of the places of detention where prisoners of war of the Russian Federation are staying on March 19, 2022, no violations of the requirements of the Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War were detected.



Kharkiv Administration

The Russian occupiers hit the Balaklia district hospital.  The building is partially damaged.

Patients and staff need immediate evacuation, and this is about 70 patients and medical staff.  We do everything to save people. 

This is another war crime against civilians in the Kharkivoblast!

Balakliya is a temporarily occupied territory of Kharkivoblast, where the mayor went to cooperate with the occupiers. 

The shelling of the civilian population by Russia is an attempt by the occupiers to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of attacking civilians, another cynical lie of Russian propaganda and military provocation.



Every released Ukrainian serviceman will see their relatives.

They were provided with all necessary assistance, including medical assistance. Now they are heading to the meeting place with representatives of the command of their units.

"Soon, each of our released servicemen will be able to see their relatives," wrote Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, who uploaded the video.

On April 1st, prisoners were exchanged in ZaporizhzhiaOblast, and the Ukrainian side managed to return 86 service members, including 15 women.

The first exchange took place on March 24th. Then 10 military and 19 civilians were released.

The video shows the Ukrainian military being released from captivity the day before https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=saved&v=353457416722880



President of Ukraine

Address by President V.Zelenskyy to Ukrainians

I want to dwell on the fact that the Russian Federation is trying to take people into the army in Crimea. This is a violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime for which there will be responsibility. And which is also an argument for increasing sanctions against Russia. That's why I want to tell the people of Crimea: sabotage this story. And if it doesn't work out, don't fulfill criminal orders and surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the first opportunity. 

The occupiers played a second very silly April Fool's joke with some residents of the southern regions of Ukraine, where Russian troops had temporarily entered. They appoint some "Gauleiters", some temporary leaders. And they are threatening employees of enterprises and authorities to cooperate with these deceived appointees. Message to them is simple: the responsibility for collaboration is inevitable. Therefore, everyone who became a Gauleiter can already register somewhere in Rostov. 

The occupiers are withdrawing forces in the north of our country. The withdrawal is slow but noticeable. After them a complete disaster and many dangers are left. 

Firstly, the bombing may continue. Secondly, they are mining all this territory. Mining houses, equipment, even the bodies of killed people. Too many tripwire mines, too many other dangers...

We are moving forward carefully. Everyone who returns to this area must also be very careful! It is still impossible to return to normal life as it was. Wait for our land to be cleared and until you can be assured that new shelling is impossible.

In the east of our country, the situation remains extremely difficult. The Russian militaries are being accumulated in Donbas, in the Kharkiv direction. They are preparing for new powerful blows. 

Hard battles lie ahead. We cannot think that we have already passed all the tests. We all strive for victory. But when it comes everyone will see it and feel that peace is coming.

In the afternoon I spoke with President of France Macron about the humanitarian situation in the Ukrainian cities shelled by the occupiers. The situation in Mariupol was discussed separately. Europe has no right to react in silence to what is happening in Mariupol and must react to this humanitarian catastrophe.

Today humanitarian corridors worked in three regions - Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia. 6,266 people were rescued. In particular, 3,071 people from Mariupol.

We are separately agreeing on the removal of the wounded and dead from the city. We are talking about this with Turkey as a mediator. Hopefully I will be able to report the details soon.

In the afternoon I met with President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola in Kyiv. I am grateful to her for this important visit, which demonstrates to some other politicians that courage at a time like this is one of the most important traits for a politician. We talked about how to accelerate Ukraine's accession to the European Union. There are specifics. We also talked about arms supplies and support of European parliamentarians in this. And about deeper sanctions policy against Russia. 

Tomorrow, April 2, Ukrainian Muslims together with all Muslims of the world will celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Sincere prayers, mutual forgiveness and good deeds characterize this month. But in Ukraine, another virtue is added - loyalty to brothers-in-arms and your people in battles. 



Do everything you can for us to withstand together in this war for our freedom and independence - address by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Another day of our defense has passed. Another day of many that are gradually, with difficulties, but steadily bringing us closer to peace. To 

The global security architecture has failed. Peace for us will not be the result of any decisions of the enemy somewhere in Moscow as well. We should not cherish empty hopes that they will simply leave our land. We can only gain peace. We can gain it in hard battles and in parallel - in negotiations, and in parallel - in daily vigorous work.

When people defend themselves in a war of annihilation, when there is a question of the lives or deaths of millions, there are no unimportant things. There are no unimportant moments. Everything matters. And everyone can contribute to the victory of all. Someone with a weapon in their hands. Someone - at work. And someone - with a warm word and help at the right time.

Our defenders continue to regain control over communities in the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions. There are more and more Ukrainian national flags in the areas that have been temporarily occupied.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not release the invaders without a fight. Inflict fire damage. They are destroying everyone we can reach.

We are strengthening our defenses in the eastern direction and in Donbas. We are aware that the enemy has reserves to increase pressure in the east.

Our heroic Mariupol continues to hold back a significant part of the enemy forces. Thanks to this resistance, thanks to the courage and resilience of our other cities, Ukraine has gained invaluable time. The time that allows us to undermine the enemy's tactics and weaken their capabilities.

Unfortunately, Ukraine has not yet received enough modern Western anti-missile systems. Has not received aircraft. Hasn’t received what the partners could provide. Could - and still can!

Every Russian missile that hit our cities and every bomb dropped on our people, on our children only adds black paint to the history that will describe everyone on whom the decision depended. Decision whether to help Ukraine with modern weapons.

I would like to thank the residents of our Enerhodarseparately. Those brave Ukrainians who went to a rally today to defend their city. To protect our state.

In response, the occupiers opened fire and used grenades against completely peaceful people, which are on their land, within their law. There will be an answer for each wounded person. And the Ukrainian character cannot be conquered by any pressure or violence.

I am grateful to everyone who takes to the streets in the temporarily occupied cities. To all who are not afraid and go out. I am grateful to all who are afraid and come out. To all those who feel that without this decision to defend Ukraine and their freedom, the occupiers can gain a foothold.

And when people protest - and the more people protest - the harder it is for the occupiers to destroy us, to destroy our freedom. This is our common struggle! And it will be our common victory.

I want to turn to another person who does not seem to fully understand what is happening. Not only in Ukraine, but throughout Europe. To the Prime Minister of Hungary. He is virtually the only one in Europe to openly support Mr. Putin.

We did not ask for anything special from official Budapest. We didn't even get what everyone else is doing! Doing for the sake of peace. We did not receive the vital transit of defense aid;we did not see moral leadership. The whole of Europe wants peace. The whole of Europe does not want the battlefield to be moved from Mariupol to Budapest or from Kharkiv to Krakow or from Chernihiv to Vilnius. The whole of Europe is trying to stop the war, to restore peace. Then why is official Budapest opposed to the whole of Europe, to all civilized countries? For what?

The main thing for us is the opinion of the people. The Ukrainian people support the Hungarian people. The Hungarian people support the Ukrainian people. We value peace equally; we value freedom equally. It will always be so. We will always live in good neighborliness. And I am convinced that our minorities should be the bridges that unite us even more.

Politicians come and go. And the truth remains. That's what I'm talking about - the truth. And I always say what I think. When I am speaking of Hungary, I mean Hungary. And I don't need to mask my thoughts. If we need to speak of Germany, we are speaking of Germany. If I need to speak of another country, I'm speaking of another country.

If it's a war, then I call it a war, not a "special operation." If this is a threat to the whole of Europe, then I call it a threat to the whole of Europe.

This is called the honesty that Mr. Orban lacks. He may have lost it somewhere in his contacts with Moscow.

I spoke today with the President of Colombia. I am very grateful to him for his support and solidarity with Ukraine. The list of countries that honestly say that freedom matters and the war must stop is expanding.

I also spoke with British Prime Minister Johnson. A meaningful, pleasant conversation. We agreed on new defensive support for Ukraine. New package. Very, very tangible support. We also agree on the strengthening of sanctions against Russia. Extremely tangible. Agreed on joint steps to achieve peace. Thank you Boris for the leadership! Historical leadership. I'm sure of it.

In the afternoon I held a large meeting with the economic bloc of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Office of the President. The economic frontline is another direction of our struggle for our state, for our people. We discussed in great detail the situation with sowing, with the supply of food to Ukrainians, with the supply of fuel, the situation in the energy sector, the situation with the main sectors of the state. The Minister of Finance reported on the state of implementation of the state budget, details of negotiations with partners on financial support for Ukraine.

In wartime, economic relations must remain one hundred percent managed, no matter how difficult it may be for all of us. Because it's about perspective. About the perspective of life for more than 40 million Ukrainians, about what our tomorrow will be like. The participants of the meeting received clear tasks.




The country's two largest infrastructure companies, Ukrzaliznytsia and Ukrposhta (post service), are merging to boost economic development during the war. Logistics chains need to be rearranged. Also, the post office has more responsibilities now, including humanitarian aid, food kits and the evacuation of businesses. But their own logistics capabilities are gone. So, this merge is the best solution. Besides, the development of rail postal services is in line with EU policy on doubling the share of railways in multimodal transport by 2030 in order to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.


Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

As of today, the projected sown areas of the main spring crops for the 2022 harvest in the territory controlled by Ukraine are 13 438,4 thousand hectares, which is 3 477,9 thousand hectares less than last year.

21 oblasts of Ukraine have already started sowing spring crops, and as of the corresponding date last year only 15 oblasts in Ukraine started sowing.

So all categories of farms are sown:

- 81,0 thousand hectares of spring wheat

- 327,3 thousand hectares of spring barley

- 7,6 thousand hectares of spring rape

- 50,1 thousand hectares of oats

- 62,3 thousand hectares of peas

- 30,6 thousand hectares of sugar beets

- 33,7 thousand hectares of sunflower.

- 10,4 thousand hectares of soy.

According to information from the regions, the sowing of winter crops for grain for the harvest of 2022 was carried out on an area of 7.7 million hectares. Agricultural enterprises continue the first fertilization of winter crops with nitrogen mineral fertilizers.


Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine

On April 1, during a conference in Strasbourg the Ministers of Culture of the Council of Europe expressed their full solidarity with Ukraine and condemned Russia's armed attack.


As of March 31, 2022, 135 episodes of war crimes of Russiantroops against the cultural heritage of Ukraine were recorded. Religious buildings affected the most - 59 objects were destroyed or damaged. Also, destruction affected 12 museums and historical and architectural reserves, 6 theaters and cinemas and 5 libraries.